16 Handy Editing Tools You Never Knew You Needed

Here at PDFfiller, we are passionate about constantly improving our user experience. In addition to our already extensive line-up of fantastic editing tools, we’ve just expanded your options. With our brand new annotation tools, you have even more flexibility in editing, signing, and managing your documents online.

Never tried PDFfiller before? Our service is simple. We give you all the tools you need to ditch the printer, scanner, fax machine, and even ballpoint pens. Just search for or upload any PDF document, open it in your personal editor window on PDFfiller.com, then:

  • type on it
  • sign it
  • insert a picture (useful for passport or visa applications)
  • make check marks and circles
  • add blank pages
  • cut, paste, etc.

When you’re finished:

  • save it
  • email it
  • share it
  • send it to someone else for them to eSign
  • or fax it right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Our goal is to make your office effortlessly mobile. And because you have unlimited cloud storage with your subscription, you can save as many items as you want without worrying that you’ll run out of space. Not to mention you have direct access to every single one of your documents from anywhere, any time.

But, we didn’t to stop there.

Add Notes

Add sticky notes, comments, and text boxes to any document. This feature is especially useful if you’re sharing a document and you need to include instructions like “sign here” or “initial here.”

Highlight and Underline

Make anything stand out. Highlight it right from your screen using this tool. It works the same way you would on highlight on paper with a yellow marker.

  Underline Button 

Highlight and Underline

Erase, White Out & Black Out Text

Use the the eraser tool to get rid of any text, pictures, or lines you don’t want. White out or black out text that’s not applicable to you. You can modify the shape and color of your tool using the slider in the top right corner of the toolbar. Slider tool


Create unique lines, arrows, circles, and other shapes with the drawing tool. You can even get creative and customize your color palette. We wouldn’t recommend coloring smily faces on your official IRS tax forms, but this is just a fun example.

Thanks for reading, and have fun with PDFfiller‘s brand new editing features. If you have a questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a note below, or contact us anytime by email and phone.