North Idaho Lung, Asthma & Critical Care Relies on pdfFiller to Help Manage the Office’s Document Workflow

pdfFiller for NILACC - customer story


North Idaho Lung, Asthma and Critical Care (NILACC), are experts in pulmonary care. Their team brings over seventy years of cumulative experience to treating pulmonary issues. Based in northern Idaho, NILACC has 19 staff members, including five critical care physicians, and provides regular care for a large number of patients. NILACC combines these decades of expertise with modern techniques, advanced diagnostic therapies, and an emphasis on creating a patient-first practice to make sure that patients end their treatment successfully.

Practice management of a 5 physician practice with 15 employees. Accounting including payroll, credentialing, contract negotiations, meaningful use, scheduling, hiring, putting together an employee manual, HIPPA and OSHA. Succeeded in switching physicians from operating as individuals to a group practice.

Julie Cox is an integral part of the NILACC team and manages NILACC’s back-office work, working as the facility’s business manager, attending to physician scheduling, and dealing with payroll and credentialing issues. Her work routinely involves administrative work and it was Cox that was responsible for making the transition from paperless to pdfFiller.

The Problem

Cox realized she had a problem with paper when she needed to fill out doctor credentialing documents.

Whereas NILACC had previously relied on pen and paper to complete all of their documents, “it took way too much time and was hard to keep track of,” said Cox.

Because Cox is responsible for handling a significant amount of the paperwork and administrative work at NILACC, she needed a streamlined solution for her document management. Cox knew that the transition to computer-based completion was critical for ensuring that administrative work was handled efficiently, but she was stymied by not being able to fill out forms electronically in an easy and intuitive manner.

“I looked at a couple of programs and then tried pdfFiller,” said Cox, “it was definitely the most user friendly.”

The Solution

Everyday, Cox logs in to pdfFiller to process multiple documents. She uses it “to fill in forms that would otherwise require me to use pen and paper”. The possibilities and advantages of going digital with documents are numerous.

Users can add fillable fields to forms using pdfFiller’s powerful and easy-to-use drag and drop wizard. With pdfFiller Cox can type directly onto the PDF document itself and then distribute it throughout the office for editing or signature. She can go back and edit them to add patient information or allow doctors access to ensure they have the most up-to-date file on record, no matter where they are.

Going digital with pdfFiller also means that it is easier for Cox to communicate patient data with physicians, correcting, adding or transmitting critical information in order to make sure everybody is as informed as possible: “I am able to send forms out to the physicians to look at and then when they let me know what changes to make it is easy to go in and fix them,” she said.

pdfFiller gives users many ways to add, organize, and store documents. It’s easy to upload documents, import them into your account, or search through an online library of over 25 million forms to find the one you need right in pdfFiller’s database. Cox, though, “liked that I could import my own forms and also that I could look for forms on the internet to bring in,” streamlining NILACC’s document management. “Documents were all stored in one place [with pdfFiller],” said Cox and for NILACC simply consolidating the storage of documents made their workflow easier.

Ultimately, pdfFiller streamlined NILACC’s workflow, it “helped not only with time management but also the ability to pull up and change documents from anywhere,” making it faster and easier than ever to edit, send, and sign documents.

The Benefits of Using pdfFiller


pdfFiller is the fastest way to edit, send and sign documents. “There is no comparison to how I was working before,” said Cox. “pdfFiller is much faster.” pdfFiller’s advanced distribution services enable you to electronically transmit your documents to recipients instantly. Moreover, pdfFiller allows you to upload your own legally binding signature and add it to your own documents electronically or send documents for signature from other users, making the process of collecting signatures faster than it ever could be with a paper-based solution.


pdfFiller doesn’t just save time — it also makes administrative work easier. For Cox, “it is incredibly helpful to pull up and change documents from anywhere”. Moreover, because Cox often works remotely, she can rely on pdfFiller to help transmit her documents to doctors instantly and electronically: “it is great to not have to send paper back and forth”. With pdfFiller, it is also easy to add highlights, redactions, and make changes to your PDF document in just a few clicks from anywhere on any internet-connected device at anytime.

Cost Savings

Not only does pdfFiller makes document management and distribution faster and easier, it also makes it cheaper. Electronic storage is cheaper than reams of paper kept in massive filing cabinets and a streamlined document workflow cuts down on administrative overhead. In many companies, the cost of paper for printing, storage, and distribution is in the thousands of dollars per year. pdfFiller’s ability to cut that figure substantially makes it “worth the price,” said Cox.


Security is critical for NILACC — “we are in the medical field,” said Cox, so security was an important concern when they choose to switch to a digital document management solution. pdfFiller relies on Amazon’s S3 servers, which have redundant backups and high-level physical security, to keep your documents safe.

Two-factor authentication and a PIN code allow you to protect your account by adding another layer of security. Most importantly for those in the medical field, pdfFiller is completely HIPAA compliant, which is why care providers across the country trust pdfFiller with their confidential patient documents.

Ecological Benefits

Because pdfFiller cuts down on paper usage, streamlining your document workflow also helps NILACC go green. The average employee in the US uses 10,000 sheets of paper but with pdfFiller, Cox has been able to eliminate waste paper and lower NILACC’s ecological footprint. “I’ve cut down on paper use significantly and no longer have a gigantic stack of filing,” said Cox.


pdfFiller is the easiest way to transition to a completely digital document solution.“It’s easy to use… and in our business that is very important,” said Cox. An ultra-secure platform combined with a simple graphical user interface and powerful features means that editing, signing, and sending documents has never been simpler or faster. Professionals in the medical field need to communicate information quickly, efficiently, and securely, and pdfFiller is a more effective solution, in this case, than paper. Ultimately, for NILACC and numerous other care providers across the country, pdfFiller, Cox said, “saves time, and time is money.”

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originally published February 22, 2017, updated May 18, 2021