Organize your trip easier by filing Form 1419 for an Australian visa electronically

Summer moved in. It’s time to start getting ready for your long awaited vacation to the “Land Down Under.” The Great Barrier Reef, Blue Mountains, Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and multiple Australian beaches beckon travelers from all over the world. Travel packages to Australia start at approximately $3,500 per person for two weeks. It includes accommodation, all flights and transfers, internal tours, meals and insurance. Sure, It takes about 23 hours to get to Australia, but once you get off the plane, you’ll have 2 weeks to spend in paradise.

US citizens who are going to travel to this beautiful country are required to file an Application for a Visitor Visa, which is a Form 1419. We’ve collected the most important information that you should know, in order to properly file your visa documents.


What is the Australia visitor visa application and who should use it?

This form is used by Americans who wish to apply for a visitor visa to Australia, with the purpose of staying there for tourism or any other recreational activities such as sightseeing, spending the holidays or visiting friends and relatives. You cannot use Form 1419 for an Australian visa in the following cases:

  • If you’re going to study in Australia for more than three months. In this situation you have to apply for a student visa.
  • If you’re visiting a family member who will be your sponsor during the trip. In this case, file Form 1418.
  • If you’re visiting Australia for short-term business purposes. In this case, you should submit Form 1415 which is the Application for a Visitor Visa – Business Visitor Stream.
  • If you’re visiting the country for medical treatment, complete and file Form 48ME, Application for a Medical Treatment visa.

All dependents have to file a separate Form 1419 for an Australian visa. Be careful when filling out this form, because even a single mistake can lead to an application getting refused.


What’s Australia visitor visa validity?

Once your Australia visitor visa application is approved, you can stay on the territory of the country for a period of three to six months. Although, you can also be allowed to stay for a year, if there are some exceptional circumstances. You can apply for both a single or multiple entry visa.


What are the fees for processing your Australia visitor visa application?

Part L of the application includes Payment Details. First, you should go to the website of the Department of Home Affairs and check the reference tables for fees and charges applicable to different visa subclasses. After that, in Part L, you indicate your visa subclass, according to the reference table, and make some simple calculations to figure out the total amount you’ll have to pay. You can pay by credit/debit card, bank check, or money order. Your application won’t be processed, unless you pay the total amount of the fee, calculated in this part of Form 1419 for an Australian visa.


What supporting documents must be attached to your Australia visitor visa application?

After you’ve completed your visa application, you should prepare the following documents and papers:

  • Your most recent passport photo
  • A payment receipt
  • A certified copy of your passport
  • A completed Form 1257 or 1229 (for applicants under 18)
  • A document that confirms your financial state (for instance, a bank account statement)
  • Travel/medical insurance

The whole list of required supporting documents is provided in Part M of the application. Note that you do not have to provide original documents unless you’re asked. You only need to provide certified copies.

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