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Which Version of Form 1040 Do I Use For My Tax Return?

This post was updated in April 2018 If there’s one type of IRS form that most Americans are familiar with, it’s Form 1040, the US Individual Income Tax Return. The 1040 form allows you to calculate and report your “Adjusted Gross Income”, or AGI, for the tax year, including all sources of income, from wages...Read More

Form 8938: Specified Foreign Financial Asset Reporting

This week’s post from our CPA guest blog series focuses on IRS Form 8938.  It comes to us from Alison N. Dougherty, a Senior Manager in tax at Aronson LLC. She assists U.S. taxpayers with U.S. tax reporting and compliance for offshore assets and foreign accounts. http://www.aronsoncompany.com/   The Form 8938 Statement of Specified Foreign Financial...Read More

Form 1099 PATR: Cooperative Dividend Payments to Patrons

This post was updated in April 2018 The IRS 1099 form series reports various types of income, payments and dividends. Form 1099 PATR reports taxable dividends that cooperatives make to their members, known sometimes as patrons. The cooperative, for example an agricultural or retail cooperative, must fill out a 2017 Form 1099 PATR for dividends...Read More