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Illinois Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Does someone you love have Alzheimer’s?  Over 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, and as many as 16 million will have the disease in 2050.  Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia, is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.. Researchers believe the disease, which damages and kills brain cells, is caused...Read More

North Carolina Offer to Purchase and Contract

In 2011 the North Carolina real estate commission introduced a revised standard form 2 T, North Carolina Offer to Purchase and Contract and with that, a new term called “due diligence”. The establishment of the “due diligence period” and the implementation of a”due diligence fee” were used to eliminate problem areas in buyer/seller negotiations which...Read More

Filing a US Tax Court Petition

Ugh!  You’ve received a 90-Day Notice of Deficiency from the IRS.  Now what? The next step is for you to file a Tax Court Petition.  Although that might sound a bit overwhelming, following a few simple steps and using PDFfiller can make it easy. First of all, make sure you file your tax court petition...Read More