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Long Term Care Coverage for Less

You may have never considered the idea that you, or someone you love, will need long term care. Your current Medicare or Medicaid coverage may pay for some or all of your current medical expenses, but long-term care doesn’t actually qualify as a “medical expense.” What is long-term care? Long-term care consists of all the...Read More

Certificate of Liability Insurance

You’re a small business owner, so you know how much time, money, and energy you’ve invested into achieving your career goals. Your business, your wallet, and your professional reputation are all worth protecting from the moment you first open your doors for customers.  Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance protects you and your business against claims...Read More

Medicare, Social Security, and Form CMS 1763

Since 1966, The Unites States government has guaranteed access to health insurance for Americans over 65 years old (who have worked and regularly paid into the system), as well as young people with disabilities and others with specific illnesses like Lou Gehrig’s disease. This social insurance program is called Medicare. (Not to be confused with Medicaid,...Read More