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scan documents

How to scan and edit your paper documents online

Editing scanned documents is a challenge, but PDFfiller applications are here to help! Let’s have a closer look at how you can scan and edit your paper documents without touching a scanner or installing any cumbersome desktop apps.  Scan documents with your mobile phone for free Scan documents for free with the ScanToFill app and...Read More

Tax education credits: learn how to claim smart!

Knowledge is power, but nowadays it costs a lot. Probably, you postpone improving your skills or getting new ones simply because you have no opportunity to pay for it. Tax education credits will rescue you! Covering education cost with smart tax deduction is real, and your dream job can be closer than you think.  Check...Read More
tax tips

Summertime tips for serenity during tax season

Check your plans for summer and discover opportunities for tax refunds, credits and deductions! Seasonal work such as volunteering can reward you with tax benefits. Avoid unnecessary risks and make the most of your summertime activities with these tax tips. Make your tax season simple by easing into tax prep during the summer Share your...Read More
online converter

Alto PDF to JPG: convert your documents in no time

From now on, every Chrome user will have the convenient option to process documents in PDF format and convert them to JPGs without leaving their browser — all thanks to Alto PDF to JPG, a new Chrome extension by the makers of PDFfiller, an industry-leading online PDF editor and form builder. The key benefits Alto...Read More