Salesforce Users Get an All-in-One PDF Editor, eSignature Manager and Document Generation Solution with DaDaDocs

DaDaDocs for Salesforce

DaDaDocs by PDFfiller is an online PDF editor, document generator, eSignature manager and data collection tool in a single Salesforce app. Users can merge, generate, edit, annotate, redact and eSign online fillable PDF forms.

In 2016, PDFfiller‘s engineering team received a request to provide a PDF editor that could securely redact information from the ChildStory project, a governmental initiative in Australia. The project required that the editor work entirely within Salesforce. This led to the creation of the DaDaDocs integration for Salesforce.

DaDaDocs covers the full document lifecycle for Salesforce. It helps to declutter any stage of a deal: from getting a lead to generating an offer, exchanging edits and signing a contract. Each stage could easily take hours, if not days, without the right product. Here are the most common headaches every Salesforce user struggles with and how DaDaDocs solves them.

Generating PDF Documents and Merging Salesforce Data

Document generation for Salesforce

DaDaDocs generates PDF documents pre-filled with Salesforce data. It merges data from Salesforce objects to automatically create pre-filled documents that retain the formatting of the original PDF. If you’re sending an application to a client, you can pre-fill it with the customer’s information by making a template with Salesforce fields. Once you create the right template with fillable fields, it can be pre-filled with unique customer data as many times as you need to.

Editing PDF Contracts, Quotes and Offers in Salesforce

Robust PDF editor for Salesforce

You don’t have to leave Salesforce or install additional software to edit PDF attachments from your Salesforce objects. The DaDaDocs editor allows users to type text anywhere on a PDF, erase outdated information, black out confidential details and annotate PDF documents online right in your Salesforce account.

In addition to enhanced security and redacting features, DaDaDocs added advanced search capabilities for the ChildStory program. This means that there’s no need to manually skim hundreds of pages of native PDFs to edit, redact or annotate them.

When text is blacked out or redacted using DaDaDocs, the text is truly removed from a file, thus protecting confidential information. In other editors the most common risk is placing a black image over the text leaving the original information still visible to a computer.

Complex eSignature Workflows for Salesforce

eSign documents in Salesforce

eSignatures are a must for any digital document solution. DaDaDocs allows users to eSign documents, create and manage complex eSignature workflows straight from Salesforce. Using PDFfiller’s eSignature manager has already helped police officers in Saginaw County get search warrants approved and signed faster. This experience was brought to the Australian ChildStory program and gets signatures from community partners such as agents of the court and medical professionals faster.

Any Salesforce organization can build its own robust signature workflows with up to 20 signers, setting the signing order and requiring photos for signature authentication. Signed or filled out documents are stored as a PDF in Salesforce.

Collect Salesforce Customer Data via Online Fillable PDF Forms

Collect customer data without having to leave Salesforce

Getting leads through a contact form on your company’s website is easy when you use fillable forms with DaDaDocs. Any online fillable PDF form created in DaDaDocs can be sent via email, a link, shared on social media or hosted online without any coding.

Collecting data directly from customers into Salesforce records works due to the seamless integration of the DaDaDocs Online Fillable PDF Forms with Salesforce objects. It turns static documents into interactive online fillable PDFs. Admins can create PDF documents, add fillable fields to them, map these fields and connect them with Salesforce objects without a single line of code. Every field collects a specific type of data such as signatures, the date, text, numbers, initials and photos. Once a customer fills in a form, the form builder will automatically create a new Salesforce record with the filled-in data or update an existing record. Additionally, a copy of the filled-in PDF will also be added to the Salesforce record for safe keeping.

DaDaDocs has already helped dozens of Salesforce organizations with thousands of users. With DaDaDocs, Salesforce users get a complete document editor and eSignature platform. Without leaving Salesforce, you can transform static documents into interactive fillable PDF forms, generate PDF documents pre-filled with Salesforce data and share your fillable PDF forms on Salesforce and beyond.