Customize Your Documents with PDFfiller’s Annotation Tools

Life is unpredictable, and situations can change at a moment’s notice. Sometimes that document you’re working on might have sections that aren’t relevant to you anymore. Or maybe you find the opposite to be true: you need to be sure that your recipients see a certain part of a document when they look it over. And sometimes all you need is a note to help out the people who will be editing your document later on. PDFfiller’s Annotation features give you the ability to emphasize, de-emphasize, and comment on any part of your document.

At the top of the PDFfiller Editor, click on the “Tools” tab. There, you’ll find the find a host of different buttons, each that meet a specific need


The Erase and Blackout tools give you the option of covering up text or images that you don’t want recipients to see, or that might not be relevant to the recipient. The Highlight tool allows you to do the opposite: you can make a line of text, a paragraph, a graphic or even a blank space stand out. For each of these three tools, just click and drag to create a line: white for Erase, black for Blackout, and yellow for Highlight. You can even change the size of the brush with the sliding scale underneath the Tool section.


The Arrow and Line tools let you easily draw attention to a particular part of your document, while Draw functions like a brush tool – there’s even a range of colors you can choose from!


And finally, the Text Box and Sticky tools give you the option of leaving a note for your recipients. Need to provide some clarity on the terms of a legal document? Or maybe your recipients could use some updated information for that sign-up form? Add a text box to the document and start typing, or use a Sticky for a more temporary change.


PDFfiller believes you should have the flexibility to change any part of your PDF at any time. With Annotation features, you can easily change original sections of the PDF file if you need to. Head on over to PDFfiller to see how easy it is to annotate and complete your documents!