PDFfiller eliminates the “paperwork nightmare” of a clinic with automated workflows

automated workflows

Douglas A. Waldman, MD is an orthopaedic surgeon practicing with Marshall Orthopaedics. The orthopaedic surgery clinic is located in Marshall, Texas with 7 employees.

Douglas A. Waldman, MD

We had to deal with a lot of disability forms to fill out that had minimal space for handwriting, and certainly no room for legible handwriting. Even using a typewriter to fill them out was difficult! It was very time consuming and frankly depressing to try to fill the form out legibly without contradicting information on previous forms.


The Challenge

Marshall Orthopaedics employees not only had to fill out disability forms, but also keep a record of all forms they’ve submitted, creating a “paperwork nightmare”. As Douglas put it, the same form would come in every month, and trying to find the previous form as a template was a time consuming affair. Paper-based workflows not only took up unnecessary amounts of time, but acted as a drain on potential revenue.

I was happy to do this for patients, but I simply didn’t have 30-60 minutes to fill out each form. It was a true waste of resources to do it that way, and as a surgeon, my time is better spent in patient care, which was often delayed.


The Solution

After discovering PDFfiller online, Douglas and his colleagues began using it to fully automate their medical document workflow on a daily basis. They started using the platform just for their disability forms, but soon expanded to take on most of the paperwork involved in business management, hospital credentialing and documentation online. Today, PDFfiller allows them to keep a copy of any form they work with, select a font that is legible to fill in any document, and fill out new forms with any data previously used.

automated workflows

PDFfiller saves us $100 or more each workday, when you factor in employee time and supplies. The figure is probably higher than that, since the waiting time for patients not yet seen is also diminished, which keeps the patient from being frustrated and just leaving before their visit.

PDFfiller is a real time saver, not only for clinic personnel but also for patients.

Our patients are happier since their forms are processed so rapidly, and their anxieties about losing cars, etc. are assuaged. They tell their friends that you don’t have to wait long at all to see the doctor, and that your disability insurance forms are usually filled out accurately, on the spot.


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automated workflows

PDFfiller is so simple! With its easy interface, you can save forms as well as print them. The time it took to ‘get acquainted’ was about five minutes total, if you include the coffee break! Now we use the platform daily, for essentially all the forms we have to fill out.