PDFfiller and Google Drive: Even More to Love

Several of our recent blog posts have been exploring the budding relationship between Google and PDFfiller.  A review of the points of integration of Google functionality into the PDFfiller platform includes:

• The PDFfiller Google Chrome extension (read more in Extending your Editing Power Google Chrome Extension)
• The ‘Edit with Google’ tool (read more in A Match Made in Heaven)
• The PDFfiller Google Drive App (an option under Open With within Google Drive)
• The PDFfiller Google Docs Add-On (coming soon)

In this post we are going to continue our exploration of the possibilities with bachelor number three, the PDFfiller Google Drive App, which allows you to move documents into PDFfiller while working in Google Drive.

To start with, select a document in your Google Drive by checking the box next to it.  Drop down the ‘More’ tab, select ‘Open with’, and then look for ‘Connect more apps’.  Clicking on this takes you to Google Drive’s App Store, where you can type ‘PDFfiller’ in the Search Apps field.

When you see PDFfiller, hit the ‘Connect’ button.  Then the next time you go through the process of opening the ‘More’ tab and selecting ‘Open with’, a PDFfiller icon should be listed among your options.  When you click on that button, you will get a request for offline access to your document. If you answer yes, the document should appear in your ‘My Forms’ page, ready to edit, sign, and share using PDFfiller’s powerful document management tools.  For more on this process, check out the following video:



It is important to note that once you bring the document into PDFfiller, it is a separate version than the one saved on your Google Drive, and the edits you make using PDFfiller tools will not automatically show up on the version of the document saved in Google Drive. You can still access the word processing capacity of Google Docs using the ‘Edit with Google’ tool discussed in our prior post.  If you do, the changes you made will be saved in the version of the document in ‘My Forms’ when you hit the ‘Done’ button.

So now that you know how to move your documents seamlessly from Google Drive into PDFfiller, stay tuned for our next post on one more linkage point to explore –  the PDFfiller Google Docs Add-On.