Renew Your PTIN by the End of the Year with IRS Form W-12

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All current Preparer Tax Identification Numbers will expire before the start of the year. For this reason, the IRS requests that they be renewed as soon as possible. If you’re planning to file your 2018 income tax return, act now. Carol A. Campbell, Director of the IRS Return Preparer Office, recommends renewing your PTIN as early as possible. She explains that it’s easy to forget about your PTIN as the holiday season is approaching. Every tax return preparer is required to apply for or file the IRS Form W-12 to renew their PTIN.

This year, the procedure for PTIN renewal is the same as the previous year. The only change is the address to file Form W-12 by mail. See the following instructions to easily fill out your application.

IRS Form W-12 Instructions

A tax preparer is an individual responsible for preparing your tax return. Every enrolled agent or actuary is required to renew their PTINs annually. When you fill in your application, be sure to provide all required information. If you submit an incomplete IRS Form W-12, you will need to provide missing details within a specified time at a later date, and your form will not be processed unless all missing details are supplied.

Generally, IRS Form W-12 has 11 prompts. First, indicate whether you’re applying to receive or renew your PTIN. Next, provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • PTIN
  • Mailing address (personal and business)
  • Your status when filing
  • Contact information
  • Professional credentials
  • Federal tax compliance

Date and sign your W-12 only when you’re sure you’ve completed it properly.

Are There Any Fees for Applying or Renewing a PTIN?

In 2010, Preparer Tax Identification Numbers became mandatory and the IRS started charging fees for them. However, the IRS’ charging system was canceled by the U.S. District Court. Today, all PTINs are free and applicants are not required to pay any fee for receiving or renewing them. Failing to file Form W-12 on time may result in being subject to penalties.

Where to File IRS Form W-12?

Due to the IRS Form W-12 being updated this year, filing via online or by mail are both acceptable. To file your form online, go to the IRS website, search for this form and fill it out. Filing online is much easier because you receive your PTIN immediately after you’ve filled out your W-12.

If you prefer to file by mail, use the updated address:

IRS Tax Professional PTIN Processing Center
1605 George Dieter PMB 678
El Paso, TX 79936

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