Get prepared to report your work activity to the SSA on 821-BK Form


When you want to claim Social Security disability benefits, you should be prepared for a thorough inspection by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as they are obligated to make sure that a person claiming and receiving the disability benefits is lawfully eligible for them.

One of the possible types of information requests from the SSA may be a requirement to submit the SSA-821-BK form, or Work Activity Report-Employee. In fact, the SSA directs form 821-BK to an individual who is already receiving disability insurance benefits (which means they are considered disabled and cannot be working) to make sure that the beneficiary hasn’t been doing any work activity since the alleged onset date. On the other hand, if the insured beneficiary has indeed been doing any kind of work and has any earnings, it is strongly recommended that he file the Work Activity Report SSA-821-BK Form at once.

In this blog post, we will tell you more about this SSA form.


Who needs an SSA-821-BK Form?

It is used by the SSA to process information about any work performed by SSDI beneficiaries, who may have gained any earnings for work activities after claiming disability.


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What is Form SSA-821-BK, Work Activity Report for?

This report aims to provide detailed information for work activity that was performed after SSA disability benefits have been issued. On the basis of the data provided in the report, the SSA will make a decision on whether the beneficiary is still eligible for disability benefits.


Is the Work Activity Report Form accompanied by other forms?

Typically, there is no need to attach any other forms or documents to the SSA-821-BK form, unless it is clearly communicated by SSA. However, there is a provision requiring confirmation of any payments claimed on the form; therefore, the applicant should attach any relevant pay stubs.


When is SSA Form 821-BK due?

The fully completed report form should be returned to the SSA local office within 15 days from its receipt, if sent by the SSA.
If it is the beneficiary’s initiative to file a form, it should done be as soon as possible after any payments were received.


How do I fill out Form SSA-821-BK?

The Work Activity Report- Employee Form is an eight-page document that must explain the work activity or type of income in all full detail as demanded by the SSA. Therefore, when completed it should provide the following details:

  • Personal information about the insured disabled person;
  • Name of wage earner in their family;
  • Type of benefits received;
  • Information about the work activity and earnings;
  • Employment data;
  • Special work conditions (if any);
  • Any special payments and work expenses;
  • Vocational rehabilitation (if any).

Finally, the report form must be signed and dated by the disabled individual and a witness.


Where do I send Work Activity Report Form?

After Form SSA-821-BK is thoroughly filled out, it should be directed back to the office that sent it to you.