IRS Form 941X: When Your Business Needs a Redo

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Use IRS Form 941X when you didn’t quite get it right the first time!

IRS Form 941X is one of those forms in PDFfiller‘s tax season review that most businesses will want to keep on hand for amending their quarterly federal tax return.

What is IRS Form 941X for?

According to the IRS, you can use form 941X to amend…

• Wages, tips, and other compensation;
• Income tax withheld from wages, tips, and other compensation;
• Taxable social security wages;
• Taxable social security tips;
• Taxable Medicare wages and tips;
• Taxable wages and tips subject to Additional Medicare Tax withholding

You must also use the form to claim the COBRA premium assistance program.

Who needs a Form 941X?

The IRS form 941X is for someone who wishes to amend their business’ quarterly federal tax return on employee wages. A separate form 941X is required for each tax return you wish to amend.

Are there exceptions to who needs to fill out a Form 941X?

If you didn’t file a form 940 or 941 quarterly tax return, you cannot use the IRS form 941X to amend the return.

What information do you need when you fill out a Form 941X?

You will need…

1. A copy of the form 940 or 941 quarterly tax return you want to amend
2. Any documentation you have of your new amendments
3. Any schedules that were filed with the original tax return that will be affected by the amendment

Is the Form 941X accompanied by other forms?

The IRS 941X Form is not accompanied by any other forms. It is purely used for amending a previous quarterly tax return. If your amendment to the tax return changes its accompanying tax forms, you will need to send it with the new forms filled out.

What else do you need to send with a Form 941X?

You will need to send proof of the changes to your return. For example, if you are claiming less wages than were reported, a bank statement or other proof of the new wage should be provided.

When is a Form 941X due?

There is no due date for this form. Send it in as soon as you discover an error on your quarterly tax forms.

How do you fill out a Form 941X?

The IRS form 941X can be filled out and filed in many different ways. You can use PDFfiller to fill it,  print it out and send it in yourself.

Where do you send a Form 941X?

Where you send a physical form depends on whether you include a payment with your return. If you are filing an amended return, send it to the “without a payment” address, even if a payment is included. The addresses for this can be found on the IRS instruction page for form 941X.



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