Main sales trends that your business will face in 2019

sales trends 2019

It’s not a secret that technology is daily having a greater effect on our everyday lives.

But when it comes to business, especially in the sphere of sales, the inability to keep up with the times can seriously damage your plans.

So to stay ahead of the curve, let’s take a look at the evolving sales trends expected in 2019 and use this knowledge to let your business grow.


Machine learning and AI – Again?

We know. It never lets up. You probably hear about this “old-new trend” twice at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner.

But before you decide to switch to the next paragraph – let us help you to quickly understand Artificial Intelligence from a sales perspective.

Here’s how AI helps salespeople be more productive:

  • Analyses huge amounts of data in a very short time;
  • Gets recommendations based on massive amounts of data, thus saving time with following up and reaching out to the right people;
  • Predicts the future for your business based on past trends. With access to so much data, plus the ability to analyse your data, you can get a pretty solid picture of what your next quarter will look like based on your past work. You can review the information on your company’s performance and decide what you can do to improve the results for your next quarter.

Where to find AI for your sales strategy

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more accessible. You don’t need to start from complex systems. Many common and regular sales tools such as CRM tools include AI-based features.

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Switch from Millennials to… Generation Z?

While millennials are increasing in terms of numbers and buying power, there is a new generation emerging that both marketers and salespeople will need to get ready for – Generation Z.

This generation includes people born from the mid-90’s to the mid-2000’s.

You can already see that the oldest ones are only in their early 20s, while the youngest are just teenagers right now. So of course your focus should be on the older spectrum of Generation Z.

You wondering whether these young people can afford buying something besides cola, ramen and chips? Well, maybe we should let the statistics speak for themselves. In our daily economy, Gen-Z accounts for approximately $29 – $143 billion in direct spending, and they are well on their way to becoming the biggest generation of consumers in American history by 2020.

So how do I sell to this Generation?

Generation Z was already born with access to incredible technology. They grew up holding smartphones, using social media and buying whatever they want online.

This means that your product can’t delay when it comes to finding its place “somewhere on the internet”. In this case, obviously mobile applications are a must.

What’s also important is that those in Generation Z care a lot about worldwide issues and their own impact on the planet, particularly when it comes to environmental issues. Literally, they’re more likely to refuse buying your product just because they consider that you and your company have a negative impact on a social or ecological situation.

That right there is another good reason to eliminate using paper in the industry your company works in.


A more comprehensive approach to sales enablement

More and more businesses and organizations are implementing the newest sales enablement strategies (which include using special software as well as conducting training sessions for your sales and marketing teams).

Some key points of the right sales enablement strategies look like the following:

How to stay on top of this trend in 2019

We can’t tell you something uniquely new. Detailed planning and convenient technology are your best companions on the road to a successful sales enablement strategy.

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Provide customers with the omni-channel experience

We already discussed that your new target audience in 2019 is Generation Z. But what is also critical is that this generation expects more and more integrated experience across business channels as well.

They use all kinds of  devices depending on the situation and purpose of their search. They carefully research products and services online before finally buying something.

And what’s even more important – they demand convenient and intuitive experiences that seamlessly flow from channel to channel.

This is when we come to omni-channel marketing – which has a huge impact on sales.

To seamlessly integrate the omni-channel experience into your sales strategy,  you have to identify the key platforms and channels that your target audience uses and create a convenient transition between all those channels.


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