Save Money & Time with the Right Digital Document Platform


PDFfiller isn’t just another product to buy for your business, it’s an investment in changing the way your company works with documents. Saving time and money with document management isn’t a mere abstraction. Drawing on case studies of six PDFfiller customers, it’s possible to see how to save hundreds of hours of administrative work and spend less than a single overnight delivery costs to handle all of a company’s signatures.

At its most basic level, PDFfiller can save time and money on getting documents signed. The monthly cost of a professional plan is cheaper than overnighting a single document. Even a small real estate agency would need to send out dozens of documents for signature a month, which equates to hundreds of dollars of savings with PDFfiller.

PDFfiller can reclaim hours from a company’s workflow. Create fillable forms and share them with your patients, clients and employees via a link, QR code or your website instead of having to get forms filled out by hand. The data submitted via fillable forms can be exported to Excel, a CRM or used to fill out other forms. Accountants collect tax information from clients, doctors process patient intake forms and HR accepts job applications using this feature. Reports vary on the specific business, but our clients save up to forty hours a month. This is thousands of dollars in labor costs that can be more effectively used on something other than paperwork.

Beyond saving hundreds of dollars on courier fees and thousands of dollars in processing paperwork, the benefits of using PDFfiller extend to security, organization and clarity. For instance, secure cloud storage keeps documents from getting lost. Also, every form is legible and complete meaning that you don’t have to get forms redone or waste time deciphering cryptic handwriting.

Time is Money:
Save Hundreds of Hours a Year

Our customers consistently cite the time they save as one of the key benefits of using PDFfiller as well as one of the hardest to quantify as a direct dollar figure. Using a combination of data provided in customer case studies and some hypothetical numbers, it’s possible to say that a small office that gets the most out of PDFfiller can save over $23,000 a year – that’s 130 times the cost of an annual business subscription.

PDFfiller automates the routine challenges that any office faces: collecting information from clients, storing it and using that information to fill out other forms. This can take the form of patient intake forms at a doctor’s office, an accountant collecting financial information or an insurance agent handling a claim.

Debbie Cunningham, the owner of an insurance and real estate agency in Texas estimated that PDFfiller saves her firm “probably ten hours per person per week, so that’s 30 hours per week.” Taking a conservative $15 and hour, multiplied by 52 weeks, it is possible to conclude that a similar small business could allocate that $23,400 away from paperwork and mundane tasks into something that brings higher value: seeing more patients, providing better customer service or increasing sales.


Other clients report similar boosts to their workflows:


“It’s so much more work without PDFfiller — probably  30-40 hours a month  more work if we had to do all the scanning and printing the old way.” Dr. Meral Elgendy | Millennium Chiropractic

Calculating the opportunity cost of working on low value paperwork instead of seeing more patients or clients is obviously difficult. Nonetheless, Michael Combs, a hearing specialist, has calculated that generates thousands of dollars by saving time and paperwork and see more patients.


“It’s hard for me to quantify my time as money, but as a hearing aid provider, it can be expensive, and I see a lot of people, it can be up in the thousands. If I’m not seeing one patient because I’m doing administration things, it could cost me a couple thousand. The more I can see patients, if I’m seeing a new patient, that could be  thousands of dollars that’s in my business, and if I have to do paperwork and am doing it by hand, that prevents me from seeing new patients.” Michael Combs | co-owner of Hearing at Home

PDFfiller can automate data collection across industries. Accountants, medical professionals, real estate agents and insurance brokers all take advantage of the ability to save time collecting the information they need to do their jobs most efficiently.


“Using PDF filler has  saved us 110 hours per year at $35.00 per hour  as best we can tell. That was just the beginning of the savings because that time was put to productive, front end, revenue producing use so the swing was at least triple what we saved in addition.” John Hampton | Green Brick Title

The Complete eSignature Solution

PDFfiller saved its users three million dollars in courier costs over the past year – assuming that each document sent for signing would need to be shipped using USPS Priority Mail Express each way. Having to overnight a document for signature just once a month is more expensive than a PDFfiller subscription.


“Sometimes we have situations where there is a hospital that needs someone right away and we have patients that can’t be seen because we couldn’t get the documentation back because we had to Fedex it to them and [the doctors] had to Fedex it back to us. The fact that they can  sign on their phone and get it back to us the same day  is huge for our business and for the number of patients that we serve.” Angela Grover | CHG Healthcare

Professional & Clean Documents

It’s easy to assign a dollar value on hours saved by automating paperwork and collecting eSignatures instead of using expensive couriers. On the other hand, always having well organized documents that meet current legal and medical industry standards is more intangible but is still important for any organization or business.


“I have neat enrollment forms that are easy for the employees to read.” Angela Grover | CHG Healthcare

All documents within an organization are tidy and legible with PDFfiller.


“When [customers] hand-write out forms, sometimes it’s legible, but  90% of the time, it’s not.” Debbie Cunningham | Cunninham & Associates

Using PDFfiller brings value by protecting a business from handwriting mistakes that could prove costly. It’s simply more professional to always be able to produce high-quality PDFs in minutes without a scanner or complicated software.


Besides clean and professional documents, there’s no need to print digital documents. Depending on how much a company prints this can also lead to dramatic savings. For instance Green Brick Title was able to “reduce printing costs by 2/3rds” by going paperless with PDFfiller.

The PDFfiller Solution

We’ve looked at how six of our clients have used PDFfiller to save time and money. There are many more customers who are using PDFfiller to manage their digital documents across every industry, you can read their stories on our website.


PDFfiller is the right choice when investing in your digital office. Save thousands of dollars a year by automating the routine aspects of paperwork, collecting data from clients or filling out hundreds of forms at once. Increase document turnaround and make shipping costs a thing of the past with eSignatures. Of course, the tangible savings from using PDFfiller are only the beginning: professional, neat and paperless documents are the future of business.

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