How to scan and edit your paper documents online

scan documents

Editing scanned documents is a challenge, but PDFfiller applications are here to help! Let’s have a closer look at how you can scan and edit your paper documents without touching a scanner or installing any cumbersome desktop apps. 

Scan documents with your mobile phone for free

Scan documents for free with the ScanToFill app and then edit them in seconds using the PDFfiller editor, available right in the scanning app. Use ScanToFill to capture a document with your smartphone camera. Once captured, it will be automatically transformed into a PDF. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Crop, rotate, improve the colors and quality of your document. 
  • Merge scanned documents into one.
  • Send, print or edit your document with the PDFfiller mobile or web application.

Check out our blog post to learn more about the app.

scan documents

Easily edit scanned documents with PDFfiller 

Start editing your scanned PDF document right in the ScanToFill application. When you’ve finished making changes, instantly upload documents to your PDFfiller account without leaving ScanToFill.

With the PDFfiller editor you can:

  • Enter text, adjust fonts, size, and formatting anywhere in a document. 
  • Erase or blackout the parts you want to hide or highlight important information.
  • Sign documents by drawing, printing, uploading or capturing a photo of your signature.

Break free of outdated paper and scanner-based workflows! Scan and edit documents with PDFfiller applications and make your daily document challenges a thing of the past!