SF 15: Learn How to Get Ahead with Veteran Preference

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Form SF 15: Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference

In a series of prior posts, we thoroughly reviewed the process of applying for Federal Office and the key documents that may be required. Today’s review is devoted to the SF 15 form which is an essential addition to any veteran’s application for Federal office.

Who needs an SF 15 Form?

An SF-15 Form is an Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference, which is used by Veterans and Relatives of Veterans. The form is used by Federal Agencies and the US Office of Personnel Management as a supporting form for a standard job application.

What is SF 15 Form for?

The SF Form 15 is used by an individual who is approved as a 10-point veteran, a veteran’s widow, or a close family member if they want to apply for a federal job or compensation. The Form requires verification of the veteran’s data and will be used, along with additional documentation, to determine whether an applicant is entitled to 10-point veterans’ preference.

Is SF 15 Application Form accompanied by other forms?

Any requirements for supporting documents will be stated in the job description. Nevertheless, there are several documents showing separation, discharge, or release from active duty that should be provided:
• DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty;
• Orders on retirement or separation;
• Certificates showing the transfer of the employee to the reserve corps of the Armed Forces;
• Certification: a written statement from the military official attesting that the service member is expected to be discharged or released from active duty in the armed forces for valid reasons within 120 days from the date of signing.

There is a list of required supporting documentation on the second page of the form; make sure to read and follow the instruction carefully.

When is SF-15 Form due?

The submission of the SF 15 form is not restricted; it should be filed when the need arises.

How do I fill out the SF 15 Form?

An applicant should check the blocks indicating their veterans’ preference and answer any questions associated with each block. There is column listing required documentation that should be filled out with all the documents accepted as proof of the applicant’s claim of preference.

The completed form should identify:
• the person applying for the preference (their name and home address),
• veteran information (name and periods of service),
• determination of the type of 10-point veterans’ preference claimed,
• veteran’s occupation.

Where should the completed SF-15 Application Form be sent?

The SF-15 form should be submitted to the agency where the applicant is seeking federal employment.