Military Training for Civilians? You’ll Need SF 182

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Form SF 182: How to Authorize and Certify Civilian Employee Training

It is a known fact that military personnel are often sent on training missions to civilian institutions. The need for such training is reviewed and approved by management with the SF 182 form. Today we present an overview of Form SF 182: its purpose, composition, and filling process.

Who needs a Form SF 182?

The Standard Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training Form is used by the military for documenting civilian employee training within the Department of Defense. Form SF 182 is suitable for use by any agency and should be submitted for all external training.

What is Form SF 182 for?

The primary purpose of the information collected on the form is to register and keep records on trainees and the courses they have taken for the Federal Training Program. Information provided by the SF 182 is added to employee’s personal records, and should be included in the government-wide Enterprise Human Resource Integration system.

Training may vary from agency to agency. Collection of training data requires completion of training events and proper documentation. This form provides conformity and standardization for the required data.

The central part of the document contains a certificate of course completion which is granted by the Agency Certifying Officials. The agency head evaluates training to determine whether it meets the long and short-term program needs of a trainee.

Is Form SF 182 accompanied by other forms?

The SF 182 Form does not need the support of any additional documents.

How do I fill out Form SF 182?

Before completing the form, please note that PDFfiller’s fillable SF 182 contains detailed instructions for each item that you have to fill out. Follow the recommendations of the instructions posted on pages 6-14 to correctly fill the document.

You must provide information on the following sections of the form:
1. Trainee personal information (address, telephone, federal employee number, position level, etc.);
2. Education Level;
3. Employee’s pay plan;
4. Training Course Data (information on training vendor, its location, and specification of training course which was taken);
5. Costs and Billing Information (direct and indirect costs and appropriation/fund chargeable).
6. Approvals (to be completed by the employee’s immediate and/or second-line supervisor before submission of application to nomination Agency Training Office);
7. Approvals/Concurrence (to be completed by the nominating Agency Official who is authorized to approve or disapprove request.
8. Certification of Training Completion and Evaluation (Agency Certifying Officials certify that the employee has fulfilled the requirements for training and the evaluation has been completed).

The authorization also contains the Employee’s Agreement to Continue in Service, which must be signed by the nominee for Government training that exceeds 80 hours (or another period as prescribed by the agency) for which the Government approves payment of training costs.

Where do I send Form SF 182?

Once completed and signed, the Standard Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training Form should be directed to the trainee’s first line supervisor.