Sharing Documents Safely

Security is our #1 priority at We give you access to an enormous variety of forms—including government and health information forms, tools that can be used to fill out any kind of document, and you can email or fax your forms to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Emailing sensitive items containing personal information–like passport applications, military forms, and health insurance documents–can make people nervous. And, rightly so. Privacy and the breach of security regarding private personal information has been a international critical issue in recent months, and we understand your concern with keeping your identity safe.

Rest easy: starts off by automatically securing your documents while you are editing them. When you are finished and ready to share your document, we offer you an additional set of ideal security options.

Rather than simply emailing your finished document, try using our “SendToSign” feature. Your document will remain secure within our server, and your recipient will only be able to access it with the unique link we send them upon your request. “SendtoSign” also sends you a confirmation once the recipient has accessed your document.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to work with “SendToSign”:

First, in your “MyForms” area, select the saved document that you want to send. The, click on the yellow “SendToSign” button to the right-hand side of your collection of folders.

This will launch a page where you’ll enter the recipient’s email address and choose the level of security that you want your email to have.

There are three security levels available: The first is a simple unsecured email, appropriate in situations where your form does NOT contain any sensitive information.

The second, Medium Level security, generates a PIN that the recipient will need to access your document. This PIN is sent within the body of your email, so only someone who has access to that email account will be able to open the document. This is a great security option for sending medical forms or personal contact information.


Our High Security option is perfect for sending vital private documents, such as a Social Security number or banking information.


Under the protection of the High Security setting, a random PIN is generated onscreen ONLY. This PIN is NOT emailed to anyone. The document therefore can only be retrieved by someone with which you personal share this PIN.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security of your documents on PDFfiller, or need help using our “SendToSign” feature, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact us anytime.