Signing Academic and Administrative Documents Has Never Been Simpler


Yun Wang works as a professor and researcher at one of the most renowned universities of traditional Chinese medicine studying Informatics and Engineering. It is one of the most elite higher learning institution solely devoted to traditional medicine, including acupuncture, orthopedics, and traumatology. While the school has one foot in tradition, it is also distinctly modern and focuses on innovative and high level traditional Chinese medicine. It is a center not only of teaching, but also of research and medical care. Since its founding, the University has become a center of excellence in the discipline of traditional Chinese medicine and also a base for the dissemination of that knowledge all over the world. The University is a significant center of learning in this discipline and regularly collaborates with dozens of different universities all over the world and supports the scholarship of almost thirty thousand students.

Wang is currently a visiting scholar in the US, working in Florida studying molecular and cellular Pharmacology. Living far from his base in China, Wang relies on PDFfiller to facilitate his workflow and transfer of documents.

PDFfiller is used by at academic institutions throughout the world including Harvard, MIT, and Oxford to facilitate collaboration between professors, researchers, and students, and to expedite the workflow of administrative staff.

The Problem

Before he found PDFfiller, Yun Wang found himself in an awkward position: he needed to edit academic and administrative documents and send and sign contracts but in a new country, a new university, and a new office, the solution wasn’t clear. With his colleagues at his home university in Beijing now over seven thousand miles away, communication was difficult and sending documents and receiving answers promptly, even harder.

“When I just came to Miami, a printer and scanner were not available initially. It was difficult for me to sign a contract and scan it. Fortunately, I found PDFfiller.”
— Yun Wang, a professor and researcher

Settling into a new home and new university, Wang found himself without access to the requisite devices and with the need to transfer documents quickly all over the world. So, a traditional, paper-based solution was not ideal. “[When] I just came to Miami, a printer and scanner were not available initially. It was difficult for me to sign a contract and scan it. Fortunately, I found [PDFfiller].”

Wang found PDFfiller to be the answer to his document-related problems.

The Solution

PDFfiller is a fast, powerful, and efficient online document management solution. And with PDFfiller, Wang can now edit, sign, and send documents from anywhere using any device.

For Wang, sending and signing documents instantly is paramount — his research and collaboration with colleagues hinges on the speed at which he can sign and transmit these documents.

The process is easy: Wang can upload electronic documents from his computer (or alternatively, scan paper documents and then upload them). Adding his own signature is easy and takes just a few clicks. Whether you capture your signature with a webcam, upload or draw it from your computer, or add it from a mobile device, PDFfiller’s digi-sign technology is legally binding. When Wang sends documents to his colleagues or co-workers for signature he can use PDFfiller’s proprietary “SendToSign” feature, which allows you to send a digital signature request to up to 20 recipients instantly.

“I can paste my signature on a PDF file,” he said, citing one of PDFfiller’s most valuable features. Moreover, PDFfiller “is useful for online work,” said Wang, and he and his colleagues in China use it on a weekly basis to transfer documents between continents instantly, allowing for close collaboration and facilitating work that would otherwise be time-consuming and unnecessarily difficult.

Figure A — Sending to signing documents from PDFfiller.

«I am living in the US now, but I still have to work together with my group members in Beijing.» Wang said. «Some files need my signature. Using PDFfiller, they send the files to me by email. And then I can sign it using the PDFiller service and download the signed files [and] I can send the signed file to my group members.»

Figure B — Signing document by the user with PDFfiller.

Because PDFfiller works completely online, there is no cumbersome software to download. Instead, Wang’s documents are available to edit, send, and sign instantly and electronically at any time and from any device, meaning he can focus more on his research and less on administrative concerns.

The Benefits of Using PDFfiller

PDFfiller is the fastest way to edit, sign, and send PDF files online. For Wang, signing and sending documents by mail would take an impossibly long time; instead, PDFfiller allows him to transmit these documents to his colleagues in China instantly. “PDFfiller help us in the most important step, contract signature, and lets me establish a new workflow,” Wang said. Ultimately, PDFfiller facilitates communication between partners on different continents and helps makes their important work possible. Rather than having to upload, attach, send, and download documents, PDFfiller enables Wang to do everything from one comprehensive online platform.

Easy to Use

PDFfiller’s intuitive interface makes it simple to use. Beneath its clean user interface, however, are powerful features. “It is very easy to use,” said Wang. Besides its advanced editing features, PDFfiller keeps your documents organized and in one place and makes it easy to transfer them to others.

Access to Documents on the Go

Besides operability on all desktop systems, PDFfiller also works on any internet-connected device, including your smartphone and tablet, meaning you can edit, send, and sign documents anywhere and at any time. “We need not print and scan again now,” said Wang.

The Environment

With the added convenience of moving away from paper documents, comes environmental benefits. “The traditional way is paper-consuming,” Wang said. “[PDFfiller] is also ‘green,’ [making it great] for environmental protection.” According to Environmental Paper Network, a group of organizations working on paper sustainability issues, US companies spend over $120 billion a year on printed forms, a large percentage of which is thrown away.

Storage and Security

Maintaining a record of documents is important, but transferring physical documents between continents is difficult. PDFfiller allows Wang to digitize his documents and keep an online record accessible from any internet-connected device. Storage without security is a liability, however. But Wang trusts PDFfiller to keep his important documents safe and secure. For an added layer of protection, users can also password-protect specific folders. PDFfiller relies on Amazon’s S3 servers with AES – 256 bit encryption and military grade security to protect your documents.

Cost Savings

No need to buy a printer, no need to buy paper, no need to get a scanner. PDFfiller does it all. Not only do you not have to buy any of these devices, Wang estimates that PDFfiller saves him “$20 each month”. PDFfiller cuts down on the cost of mailing documents and eliminates the time cost of downloading, printing, scanning, and uploading documents. While Wang saves $20 a month, but when extrapolated across an entire staff, the savings would be exponentially greater.


PDFfiller’s DigiSign technology means signatures are legally recognized. Not only are documents fast and easy to sign and send, but they are also legitimate.


With PDFfiller, you can sign documents on the go from any internet-connected device — just hold your written signature up to a webcam to upload it or draw it electronically directly on the document. PDFfiller allows you to Use Send2Sign to send a document to another user for a signature and use Send to Group to send it to a number of users for signature. You can also use PDFfiller’s Assign Roles feature to send a document to numerous recipients en masse or in a specific order and get signatures in specific places.

PDFfiller is the best way to send and sign documents online. Not only is PDFfiller secure, but it works more quickly than transmitting documents by post and makes it easier than other electronic tools to insert a signature into a document or send documents to others for signature. Unlike other apps and online tools, there is no need to download documents — instead, users can add legitimate signatures electronically online from any device at any time.

PDFfiller facilitates workflows no matter your industry, job, or region. It expedites the process of editing, signing, and sending documents and provides a completely digital document transmission and storage solution. “If an organization want to save time, save money and is in favor of a ‘green’ office, PDFfiller is a smart choice,” said Wang.

In the international community of academia in which researchers are linked not just across campus but across the world, PDFfiller is the ideal document solution and is the fastest way to edit, sign, and send documents to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime — meaning your team can focus on their research, rather than their office work.

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pdfSigning Academic and Administrative Documents Has Never Been Simpler