IRS Form 944: Making it Simpler for Your Smallbiz

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IRS Form 944 – an Important One for Small Business Owners

Continuing PDFfiller‘s review of tax forms for business tax reporting, this post will take a closer look at IRS Form 944.

What is Form 944 for?

The IRS Form 944 is designed so the smallest employers (those whose annual liability is $1,000 or less) will file and pay these taxes only once a year instead of every quarter.

Who needs a Form 944?

If the IRS has notified you to file Form 944, you must file Form 944. This is always the case unless you contacted the IRS between January 1 and April 1  to request to file Forms 941, 941-SS, or 941-PR quarterly instead and received written confirmation that your filing requirement was changed.

Are there exceptions to who needs to fill out a Form 944?

Employers who aren’t notified, Household employers, and Agricultural employers may not fill out a Form 944.

What information do you need when you fill out a Form 944?

The IRS form 944 can require many different pieces of information. It really depends on your tax situation. At the very least, you will need:

. Your contact information such as phone number, full mailing address, etc.
2. Your business’ tax ID, also known as the Employer ID Number (EIN)
3. Your business’ financial records for the year, including employee wages

Is the Form 944 accompanied by other forms?

This form is not accompanied by any other forms unless specified by the IRS.

What else do you need to send with a Form 944?

The IRS form 944 generally does not require any supporting information such as proof of wages. If the IRS needs any additional information with your tax return, they will request it through mail.

When is a Form 944 due?

You must file Form 944 by February 1. However, if you made deposits on time in full payment of the taxes due for the year, you may file the return by February 10. You will file this form only once for each calendar year. If you filed Form 944 electronically, don’t file a paper Form 944.

How do you fill out a Form 944?

The IRS form 944 can be filled out and filed in many different ways. If you wish, you can use PDFfiller to fill and print it out and send it in yourself.  For more information on filling out Form 944, check out the following video:

Where do you send a Form 944?

Where you send a physical form depends on whether you include a payment with your return. If you are filing an amended return, send it to the “without a payment” address, even if a payment is included. The addresses for this can be found on the IRS instruction page for form 944.



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