Start making money on your digital forms with the new SellMyForms service

SellMyForms service

This month PDFfiller launches the SellMyForms service. This is an easy to use free platform that helps you publish and sell documents and forms.

How to start selling your forms with SellMyForms

First of all, choose an industry that customers are interested in. People usually search for a CV, invoice, estimate form, residential lease agreement, employee warning, receipt, gift certificates, cooking checklist, travel or wedding checklist, etc.

Then it’s time to create a beautiful document template. You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs or other document editors to create your individual form. Using PDFfiller, you can also choose any of PDFfiller’s public forms. You can edit the form, add images and logos, and insert fillable fields to make it easy for users to fill it out.

From your PDFfiller account click the Sell My Form icon. It will switch you to the settings page where you can configure your form title, description, and pricing.SellMyForms service

In case you don’t have a PDFfiller account or you use a different editor, then go to the SellMyForms main page and follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Click the Upload button, select a file in PDF format from your device and upload it to SellMyForms.
  2. SellMyForms automatically creates a web page for your form. The page is optimized for search engines to ensure anyone Google searching for the same document will find your form’s web page.
  3. Click the Setup button to either activate your Stripe account or to create one in case you don’t have one yet.
  4. Set the price for your form. We suggest starting small and waiting until you have an idea of what people are willing to pay, then raising the price to your desired level.
  5. Click the Publish button. Once a web page has been published, you can send out a link to anyone, post it on social media or on other platforms.

We also suggest you register at PDFfiller to make it easy to store your forms in a secure cloud storage, manage them online and check statistics.

Note that you can upload as many forms as you’d like. But you can upload only one form at a time.


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What happens next?

Your form will be processed within 24 hours. Our system will analyze your document and create a landing page with necessary keywords and content to be indexed by Google and other search engines. This will provide free organic traffic to your form in the future.

Once it has been published, you’ll get an email with all the info for your form, a link to your web landing page and a direct link to your form that you can share with others. You will also see changes in your PDFfiller account and basic statistics will be available.

When a customer finds your form and wants to buy it, they will send money to your Stripe account. Payouts are then made to the bank account you’ve linked to Stripe.

Since SellMyForms works with Stripe, you can charge almost any kind of credit or debit card:

  • U.S. businesses accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.
  • Australian, Canadian, European, Hong Kong, Japanese, and Singapore businesses accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

You can also accept gift and prepaid cards.

When you start processing live payments from your customers with Stripe, you will not receive your first payout until 7–10 days after your first successful payment is received.

Stripe supports payment processing in over 135 currencies. This allows you to accept payments in your customers’ native currency while receiving funds in yours.

All transactions on SellMyForms are absolutely secure and pose no security risks for your documents or data.

You can delete your SellMyForms account any time you want in the My Account section.

So what about earning yourself a little bit extra?