Using PDFfiller, Poly Pharmaceuticals Streamlined their HR Workflow


Poly Pharmaceuticals in Huntsville, Alabama focuses on offsite manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals as well as developing and marketing products for treating a range of conditions, from coughs and colds to urological issues. Since 1980, they’ve been developing their own drugs in-house while working through business partnerships, licensing, and acquisitions, to bring innovative pharmaceutical products to the market and deliver quality drugs to patients in need.

Margaret Wood is Poly Pharmaceuticals’ HR and Accounting Director, taking responsibility for all HR functions, onboarding, and benefits administration. Her job requires her to deal with a plethora of documents and more importantly, manage professional relationships and day-to-day administration; she often relies on documents as the medium by which she connects with her coworkers.

The Problem

Wood was originally drawn to PDFfiller because it made it easy to complete PDFs and e-sign documents.

But before they integrated PDFfiller into their corporate workflow, Poly Pharmaceuticals was wrestling with a variety of problems with no easy solutions.

Onboarding is critical for Poly Pharmaceuticals to integrate new employees to their team and keeping them apprised of company developments and work progress. For Wood, “without an HRIS [Human Resource Information System], onboarding and getting documents returned in a timely manner was a nightmare. People would try to fax them and a page would get missed, delaying the onboarding process.” This made the hiring process longer and more complicated and slowed the rate at which these new hires could contribute to the work of Poly Pharmaceuticals.

There was no easy solution. “Sometimes it is tricky finding [the necessary documents],” Itz said. But the problem was bigger than just locating the document she needed. Completing paper-based documents was a difficult, multi-step process. After she located them, Itz and the CP&Y team “would have to print them out, handwrite them, scan [them], and save them somewhere.” The process was time-consuming and unnecessarily involved. And it wasted paper — “we try to minimize/eliminate paper copies,” said Itz, “so read only wetland forms just were not working for us”.

Moreover, the day-to-day administrative tasks that HR handles were slow and inconvenient with a paper based solution:

“Requesting PTO [paid time off] and submitting expenses for approval would bottleneck during the approval process due to the required signatures. Employees would have to print, sign, scan and send to the Manager. The manager would then sign and forward to HR. Employees ended up taking more than their accrued time or HR was constantly requesting approved expense reports. Also, some requests or expenses would get lost in the shuffle. This could be a 3-4 day process.”

Instead of a simple solution, dependance on paper documents meant that Wood was forced to have “constant communication with managers for missing documents,” said Wood. “It took too many man-hours to get all the information in a timely manner”. The result, said Wood, was “cut off dates were implemented with little success” and moreover, there was “confusion, stress and chaos for everyone.” The company prides itself on, and has a reputation for, maintaining good employee relationships and thus they needed a way to continue this without interference to ensure the satisfaction of current and new employees.

But switching to PDFfiller was easy and in only “about two hours [Poly Pharmaceuticals] change[d] all our documents to fillable and e-signature documents”, said Wood. Two minutes later, they had been uploaded to the CRM and the transition to PDFfiller was complete.

The Solution

With PDFfiller, processes that once took hours, now take just minutes. Everyday, 35-40 people at Poly Pharmaceuticals use PDFfiller to deal with document-based queries and administrative work.

Anywhere employees go, they can connect with HR and back office staff to coordinate, arrange business affairs, organize paid time off, get support with onboarding, etc. PDFfiller helps assuage the administrative burden on HR by making it easy to send documents and transmit information.

Because 85% of Poly Pharmaceuticals employees are mobile sales representatives, they rely on PDFfiller to transmit important information from the road. PDFfiller is available on any internet-connected device from anywhere at any time.

The process is easy — the back office can send the requisite documents out to mobile salespeople to complete while on the road. For administrative documents, “the forms reside on the CRM, employees fill them out, e-sign [them] and send [them back to] HR.”

Using PDFfiller’s proprietary ‘LinkToFill’ feature, Wood can turn administrative PDF documents into interactive fillable forms available to anyone to fill out at any time and from any device. The process is simple: Wood just needs to add fillable fields to the document using PDFfiller’s simple and convenient drag and drop wizard — no coding or hosting necessary. Wood can then send the documents to specific employees for completion whenever it is needed and wherever they are with just the click of a mouse.

“PDFs cross all devices and it has eliminated the need for a scanner, printer etc.,” said Wood, citing one of the major advantages of PDFfiller.

If a mobile salesperson is needs to provide specific information to the home office while on the road or get approval from management, it’s simple to send a document for back office signature using PDFfiller’s ‘SendToSign’ feature, which allows users to request a signature from a anyone, anytime, and from anywhere in just a few clicks.

With PDFfiller, “[employees] can use their mobile devices anywhere there is [internet] to access the [fillable] forms, freeing them up to take care of business,” said Wood. “They absolutely love the freedom and easy access and (almost) instant approvals.”

The advantages are numerous — Wood saves time and energy and for Poly Pharmaceuticals, using PDFFiller expedites business and simplifies HR work.



Processes that once took days, now take just minutes with PDFfiller. Onboarding, editing, and signing documents were faster once Poly Pharmaceuticals went digital. PDFfiller’s powerful and proprietary features like LinkToFill and SendToSign makes collaborating with colleagues and clients and collecting signatures faster than a paper-based document solution.


PDFfiller is always available from any internet-connected device, at anytime, anywhere. Easy-to-use editing tools allow you to redact, highlight, and edit documents and even add sticky notes. And even with these powerful features, PDFfiller is still simple — it is “quite easy [to use],” said Wood, “even those who claim not to be ‘computer-savvy’ use it on a regular basis.”


PDFfiller is a completely online solution, which means that documents can be edited, signed, and sent from anyone on the road anywhere and from any internet connected device. There is no longer a need for pens and paper, printers and scanners, when you have the complete mobile online document solution at your fingertips all the time.


PDFfiller is an ultra-secure document management solution. Many organizations and care providers in the healthcare and medical field value PDFfiller’s HIPAA compliancy; for Wood and Poly Pharmaceuticals, security was a concern because they were sending and storing new hire applications and personal documents with sensitive information. Moreover, PDFfiller allows users to password protect specific documents for an added layer of protection and enable two-factor authentication, the same level of electronic security most banks use. It also offers ‘Audit Trail’, which allows you to monitor account activity and see any access to your account or changes to your document as well as see when and from where they were filled out and signed.

Ecological Benefits

PDFfiller doesn’t just save Poly Pharmaceuticals time and money, it also helps them save the environment — going green is easy with PDFfiller. The average US office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year; PDFfiller helps reduce that figure substantially. “Absolutely,” the ecological benefits of PDFfiller were appealing, said Wood.With PDFfiller, Poly Pharmaceuticals can “save a tree — or thousands!”.


PDFfiller has helped Margaret Wood and Poly Pharmaceuticals streamline and improve their workflow. “We are using [PDFfiller] to the max” in order to expedite various HR processes, said Wood. And with the implementation of PDFfiller, “the collateral benefits cannot be touted enough — [we are] reducing paper flow, increasing productivity time, and boosting [employee] morale”.

Switching to PDFfiller “made sense!” said Wood. Because now Poly Pharmaceuticals has “documents [that employees] can e-sign [and] send directly to HR for approval,” Wood said, it is a “problem solved!” But not only did switching to PDFfiller solve specific problems in Poly Pharmaceutical’s workflow, it also translated across their business, particularly in the work and morale of employees. “Big WIN!” said Wood.

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