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Form VA 21 686c: How to Get More VA Benefits Having Dependents

Form VA 21 686c: Declaration of the Status of Dependents All Armed Forces veterans in the United States are eligible for a variety of benefit programs depending on their discharge conditions. The Department of Veterans Affairs created a number of programs to provide financial, medical and other assistance to veterans. Considering veterans’ usually have to...Read More
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Form SSA-561-U2: how to make your disability claim reconsidered

Form SSA-561-U2 – Request For Reconsideration Each person with disabilities is faced with the need to draw up particular documents to receive their Social Security disability benefits. Sometimes it happens that your Social Security claim for disability benefits is denied. The law gives you the opportunity to contest such a decision of the SSA (Social...Read More
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Got Injured at Work? No Need to Panic with OWCP Form!

Office of Workers’ Compensation form OWCP 957: Medical Travel Refund Request Even though employers are required to provide not only comfortable working conditions but safety and security in the workplace for their employees, some accidents and incidents sometimes have place. For the purpose to prove their being responsible for the workers safety employers must compensate...Read More