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pdfFiller supports remote learning by giving FREE 3-month Premium subscriptions to all US-based educational institutions

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most educational institutions have switched over to remote learning. While this is not a simple change, many organizations still aren’t familiar with online platforms or digital tools capable of streamlining the e-learning processes. Recent surveys show that educators are browsing recommendations for online resources and platforms and seeking out best...Read More

Collecting Client Financial Information with PDFfiller

Who? Kevin R. Minkoff, CPA, PC, Not Your Ordinary Bean Counters (NYOBC), is a small firm with four employees that goes beyond the average financial services firm. The name itself, “Not your ordinary bean counter,” suggests their approach to eponymous approach to accounting – NYOBC engages in a variety of services for its customers in...Read More

Using PDFfiller, Poly Pharmaceuticals Streamlined their HR Workflow

Who? Poly Pharmaceuticals in Huntsville, Alabama focuses on offsite manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals as well as developing and marketing products for treating a range of conditions, from coughs and colds to urological issues. Since 1980, they’ve been developing their own drugs in-house while working through business partnerships, licensing, and acquisitions, to bring innovative pharmaceutical...Read More