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Tackling Tax Debt with Form 433-A

The end of the year is almost here! Are you ready? You may have your party hats and noisemakers, the champagne on ice, and a new gym membership locked in for January 1st, but chances are you forgot how quickly tax season is approaching. (Sorry, we had to remind you.) Most of us won’t be...Read More

Reporting Your Income: Form 1040

The IRS 1040 form is the most common form filled out by American tax payers. The 1040 form is where you’ll calculate and report your “Adjusted Gross Income” or AGI. You’ll include all the money you earned (in all its different forms) throughout the year, such as wages and salary, tips, interest, dividends, taxable state and...Read More

Reporting Interest: 1099-INT

The first time you learned about interest was probably when you opened your very first savings account. The bank paid you a small amount to thank you for trusting them with your money. Now that you’re a full grown tax payer, you may be earning interest from a bunch of other accounts or investments, like interest-bearing...Read More