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Reporting Interest: 1099-INT

The first time you learned about interest was probably when you opened your very first savings account. The bank paid you a small amount to thank you for trusting them with your money. Now that you’re a full grown tax payer, you may be earning interest from a bunch of other accounts or investments, like interest-bearing...Read More

W-9 Form: Request a TIN

When you start up a small business or begin contracting (or freelancing) your skills/services, you’ll need to apply for a Taxpayer Identification Number or TIN to differentiate your personal identity from your professional one when it comes to the IRS. Your unique TIN will be used in all of your future IRS forms that pertain...Read More

W-2 Tax Forms in Under 5 Minutes

          From dolphin trainers to driving instructors, art professors to scientific analysts, pretty much everyone who worked this year will get a W-2 form in the mail around the end of January. Your employer, the person who wrote your paycheck, is responsible for sending this form out to you. The W-2...Read More