The History Button: Tracking Your PDFs

As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, tracks your forms, and gives you progress updates on a PDF form you’re working with–whether you’ve emailed it, faxed it or sent to someone for a signature. But we also have a way for you to track even more of the form’s history.

In the “My Forms” section of your account, you’ll see a large grey button on the right-hand sidebar menu. It looks like this:


Clicking on the “History” button will bring you to your “Forms History” page. This page has three tabs that display the historical information about every PDF forms that you’ve worked with on Each category is accessed by clicking on the tab associated with it. The Forms History page defaults to your email history.

Here you can see the dates and times of any forms that you’ve sent through as well as the status of those emails. You can navigate to the Fax History” and “SendToSign History” pages using the tabs at the top right-hand side of the Forms History: Email page.


The “Fax History” page shows the dates and times of all of the faxes you’ve sent to through The status notification tells you whether each fax was successfully sent or if one failed to send.


The “SendToSign History” page shows the date and time when you sent out each form with a signature request. It also lists the password or PIN for each form you sent, as well as a status update as to whether the recipient completed the form or not. (This page offers a few options that the Email History and and Fax History pages do not.)


You’ll see, above the list of sent forms, on the left, there are three actions (as opposed to one): deleting the item from your file history, Retrieve, or Resend your form.


You may also notice the “Ready” status on the far right. If you click on the “Ready” status, you will be able to download a copy of the signed form, even if you have already done so previously.

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