How to Use Corporate Correspondence Skills to Create a Flawless Business Reputation

A common misconception of many small and medium-sized business owners is the belief that proper branding is suited for large companies only. A strong brand means added value for goods and services. Ten years ago branding was defined as a name, slogan, sign or a combination of these elements. Today, “Brand” is any and all elements that help to build or represent the identity of a company in a marketplace. An effective but rarely employed way to distinguish your business brand amongst clients and partners is by utilizing solutions for the improvement of your marketing flow.


Build a Corporate Image with the Help of a Digital Document Flow

The rules of electronic correspondence, sometimes called “netiquette”, dictates that business forms such as contracts, receipts, invoices, etc., are the most sensitive documents. The dispatch of proposals, correspondence with partners, requests to authorities and numerous other outgoing communications make up the face of a brand for any company. The reputation and success of your business depends on the branding of each of these communication types.

A study conducted by Epsilon’s direct marketing agency, among customers of various trading companies, showed that more than half (56%) of respondents formed a positive or negative attitude towards an entire company (as opposed to a specific employee) when engaging with individual representatives via mailing. All 56% were more willing to purchase the goods of the company or continue business relationships with a company who’s letters and documents “spoke to them”.

More than half (52%) said they had a more favorable opinion of a company that sent them letters, documents and forms to sign electronically – simply because the company keeps up with the pace of change and does not require time spent on travel or pre-written conversations with managers.

Almost half (48%) of the respondents said that they are more loyal to the a company and its products – precisely as a result of a manager’s ability to settle any communication with the client faster, without requiring direct interaction.

The vast majority of respondents (87%) who received emails, instead of the usual presentations that include offers from companies, stated that emails are a great way to learn about new products and offers. Almost two thirds (63%) of consumers noted that they would like to receive “personalized” content – based on their personal preferences and needs.


Change Your Template! Minor Renovations for Major Benefits

How to create stunning documents that correspond with your company brand? PDFfiller is an ergonomic solution that makes focusing on your client and partner experience, without suffering brand setbacks, effortless and easy to master.   

  • From a user’s point of view, the solution provides “one-click-access” to all their documents as well as an easy to use and intuitive interface. More so, you can add step-by-step guides to every document, that appear in form of tips, as the user progresses through the document’s fields.
  • There is no need for the user to download any software or special apps – documents are sent directly to the recipient. There is no technical necessity to get registered – you decide the method of identity verification for each document. Verification methods vary from authentication via email, to Facebook log in and facial recognition.
  • As for the identity and reputation of your business, PDFfiller has a built-in welcome kit for adding a greeting, video, how-to manual, photo, logo, etc. Friendly notifications can be automatically sent to your partners and customers.
  • Documents can be hosted on your website as a direct link, QR code or widget, allowing any user to fill out your survey, order form or complete an application that you can track, store and collect data from. This data can be automatically converted into excel spreadsheets or downloaded straight into your CRM.  

According to our statistics, the time frames for every transaction have not only shortened dramatically, but more importantly – customer engagement ratios have grown by an average of 58%.



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