How to Get Vocational Rehabilitation with the VA Form 28 1902w

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VA Form 28 1902w: Rehabilitation Needs Inventory

Many people experience difficulties when finding a job. Sometimes their efforts are unsuccessful even if they have a good education and adequate work experience. The task can be even more difficult for veterans, as they may have disabilities that prevent them from fulfilling their job duties. However, veterans who want to develop their professional skills can apply for vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits. A lot of governmental programs provide such services. Special trainings will help these people to review the professional skills and develop a resume and assist with a specific educational program for finding new job possibilities or starting their own business. The first step that a veteran should do on the path leading to these new opportunities is to complete the Rehabilitation Needs Inventory (VA 28-1902w form). Let’s talk about it in detail.

Who needs a VA Form 28 1902w?

Every veteran can fill out this form to get some educational and vocational rehabilitation benefits. If the veteran needs help completing the form, another person can fill it in on his behalf. This form is needed for the VA’s Educational and Career Counseling program to help the veterans get the most effective use of their benefits.

What is the VA Form 28 1902w for?

The VA 28-1902 form is used to provide veterans with new career and vocational opportunities. The Department of Veteran Affairs uses the information in this form to find the appropriate job or educational program for a veteran.

Is the VA Form 28 1902w accompanied by other forms?

The veteran should attach his resume to this form if he has it.

When is the VA Form 28 1902w due?

The veteran can fill out and send this form whenever there is a need. The estimated time for filling out this form is 45 minutes.

How do I fill out the fillable VA 28-1902w form?

The person who is completing the form should provide the following information:

  • Personal information (name, current address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, marital status, gender, dependents, nickname, emergency contact information, the veteran’s expectations, participation in a VA programs);
  • Employment information (civilian employment history and military work history);
  • Information about education and training (civilian and military schools and training);
  • Description of his disabilities in order of severity (service-connected disability, non-service connected disability, the effect of disabilities on the work duties, improvement of disability, compensations, pending claims);
  • Information about the medical treatment the veteran received or is receiving (condition, name of VA or private medical facility, prescribed medications, medical needs, adaptive equipment);
  • Additional information (living situation, mode of transportation, valid driver’s license, willingness to relocate for a job, history of legal issues, substance abuse issues).

The veteran (or the person who assists him) should sign and date the form.

Where do I send the VA Form 28 1902w?

The applicant should send this form to the US Department of Veteran Affairs.