Be Fearless with Versions, Now on Your iOS Device!

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Tired of starting over while filling documents? With Versions you won’t have to!

PDFfiller is excited to present a new feature of our iOS app – Versions.  Versions lets you restore previous versions of your documents on your mobile device without losing any changes.


The initial stages of processing a document on your phone or tablet haven’t changed a bit: you can still find, request or upload a document, fill it out, sign and save or send it. All of this sounds easy, but what if you accidentally delete something you need, the data has changed, or you are simply not sure you are doing things right?

Now you can make use of our new Version Control feature which helps save your time and effort when you can’t get your document finished all at once.

How it works

Whenever you make any changes in a form on your phone or tablet and then press the “Done” button, a new version of the document is automatically created, labelled with the time that the changes were saved. You can choose to load this version to continue the filling process from where you left off.


How it helps

The benefits of Versions for PDFfiller‘s iOS app are clear: you will never have to worry about lost work
, you can take your time to fill a document correctly
, and if any mistakes were made, you don’t need to start over again. Just restore the previous version

Dealing with forms and documents isn’t an easy job, and most often it requires keeping in mind a lot of details. Version Control lets you concentrate on filling forms accurately while we take care of the details!  To get the app from the Apple Store today, simply click here, and get started filling your documents!