W-2 Tax Forms in Under 5 Minutes






From dolphin trainers to driving instructors, art professors to scientific analysts, pretty much everyone who worked this year will get a W-2 form in the mail around the end of January. Your employer, the person who wrote your paycheck, is responsible for sending this form out to you. The W-2 form shows a summary of how much money you made all year, as well as the amount of taxes that were taken out of each check. When your employer sends you a copy of your W-2, they also send one to the IRS. Make sure you have one W-2 form for each of the jobs you’ve worked for the past year, and include them with your tax return–simple as that.

If you are an employer, you’re required to fill out one of the W-2 forms for each of your employees, and mail a copy to your employees and the IRS by January 31st (as required by law). But, you’ll need to have a few things ready before filling it out:

  • Your employee’s name, address, & social security number.
  • Your employee’s control number. This number should be assigned by your company’s payroll processing software.
  • Your unique tax identification number, or EIN

Need a little more instruction on how it’s done? Check out this easy-to-follow video.



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