5 Smart Ways to Reveal Your True Personality from Your Signature

The way you write your name says a lot about your personality. An optimist, a straight shooter, a light-minded or a trustworthy person will reflect their basic character traits each time they sign a document without even realizing it. This article will help you understand yourself better and explore another person’s communicative potential. If you want to figure out what kind of a person your boss is – simply analyze their signature.

What is more, you can improve your own character by making an effort to change your signature. Read the following signature analysis tips and learn how your signature can tell others something special about you:

The size of your signature shows how you value yourself

Analyze the height and extension of your signature. The height defines your self-esteem and the concept of yourself, while the extension reflects projected strength and intensity at the time of closing the deal.

  • An extremely large signature belongs to a bold and confident person, who demands to be noticed. Such individuals often consider themselves superior to others by having greater capacity and wider experience.
  • A medium-sized signature reveals the desire of the person to just fit in. The signer has neither inferiority nor superiority feelings towards others.
  • A smaller signature is a clear sign of a desire to fly under the radar. Such signatures might belong to individuals who experience inferiority, lack of trust or difficulty in social and business communication.

Can others read your signature? Legible signatures reflect a level of responsibility

Try reading the signatures of your co-workers or relatives. In general, a signature is considered legible when you can easily recognize the first and last names.

  • A legible signature reveals a balanced personality that feels identified with oneself. Such people have clear goals, high motivation and a strong sense of responsibility.
  • A semi-legible signature is not easy to read, but it is possible to identify and associate the strokes with the letters. These types of signatures are associated with the feelings of impatience and anxiety at the moment of completing the action.
  • An illegible signature, particularly, in official documents, could be a sign of unwillingness to accept authority. At the same time, if the signature is always illegible, it indicates the writer’s desire to avoid any arguments or conflicts.

Do you underline your signature? This could be a sign of selfishness

Graphologists claim that a straight line underneath the signature indicates family pride. However, could also reveal egoism and a natural tendency for domineering.

On the contrary, a straight line above the signature indicates an individual able to interact with others in a sensitive and tactful way.

Your signature doesn’t match your handwriting? You might be hiding something

Compare your signature with the handwritten body of text. If your signature is completely different from your usual handwriting, you might wish to disclose something about yourself. This mismatch could also signal the presence of the conflicts in personality, feeling unfulfilled or disillusioned by the present life of the signer.

The signature and handwriting of a self-confident, harmonized individual will usually coincide.

Are the letters of your signature connected? That’s totally a good sign.

If your signature looks like a thread connecting the letters, then you are capable of reading other people’s thoughts and can help them solve their issues. People having thread-like signatures is a true pleasure to keep company and work with.

The signature analysis is not an exact science, so you shouldn’t make any hasty conclusions about the true feelings of your spouse or cruel intentions of your new boss. A basic study of signatures and handwriting, however, will help you grasp the writer’s frame of mind, basic traits of character and even discover something you didn’t know about yourself.