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Multichannel, Crosschannel, Omnichannel: Get your business in the game!

Omnichannel is provocative and desirable, the individuality and integrity of communication hints to omnipresence and omnipotence. The way brands communicate with their customers has changed radically. Digital marketing provides personalization and advertising, customer-oriented, integrated approach to communication, which allows you to deliver the right message to the right person in the right time through an...Read More

Why you should say NO to travel vouchers

When your plane arrives with a one hour delay, and the transfer to the next flight is in less than 30 minutes, chances are, that you will not get to your destination at the exact time you planned. In these types of situations, it is not uncommon for the airline to offer you a travel...Read More
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The ideal algorithm for achieving marketing goals with content marketing

Regardless of your target audience, a unique content marketing strategy is a prerequisite for maintaining interest and developing promising relationships. According to IDC Research, all created and shared content will reach eight zettabytes (eight trillion gigabytes) by the end of 2018. In order for your marketing materials to break through this ever-expanding flow of information,...Read More