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Bolyard Lumber is south Michigan’s leader in upscale construction. A fourth generation family business, Bolyard Lumber is committed to providing the highest quality service, value, and work. For decades, Bolyard Lumber has worked closely with suppliers and clients to source the best materials and create the highest quality custom solutions. They provide a variety of bespoke solutions including installing doors, windows, cabinets, flooring, closets, and even doing interior millwork and sourcing lumber and deck materials.

In 2008, they were awarded Innovative Dealer of the Year and ProSales Online’s Excellent Showroom Award.

Crossroads 3PL Solutions, LLC is a company of ten employees located in Temple, Texas.
A group that started off working with the Texas cotton industry has, over the past one hundred years,
grown into a thriving, comprehensive diversified logistics company and a leader in warehousing and
shipping in Texas. Crossroads 3PL handles air and land delivery all over the United States while
also providing door-to-door shipping across Texas.

With a rapidly growing economy and business in various sectors including natural resources,
manufacturing, technology, and others, Crossroads 3PL provides “comprehensive logistics, warehousing,
multimodal shipping and custom freight solutions,” said Kimberly Ford, a financial controler with the
company. As financial controller, Ford is responsible for the the financial operations of the company, performing financial analysis and strategy.

The company “sits at the intersection of strategic railroad and highway systems and is a mission
critical gateway to high growth Texas markets,” she added. Placing an emphasis on relationships
and dealing with clients of all sizes, Crossroads 3PL is committed to providing excellent service.

The Problem

Crossroads 3PL had a simple problem with significant consequences. Without any sort of digital
document solution, they were left to complete all their forms by hand. “We hand wrote [information]
into forms then had to scan them in a file,” said Ford. It was costing the company’s employees time
and energy, affecting workflow and impacting the ability of the company to work as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, Crossroads 3PL needed to add signatures to state and Federal documents. While this could
easily be accomplished by hand, there was no obvious digital solution.

All the paper was adding up — “we hate using paper, we love trees,” Ford said. And so, in search of
a digital solution to an anachronistic paper-based problem, she turned to PDFfiller.


The Solution

It was “very easy to transition [to PDFfiller] after the small training/learning curve,” said Ford.
And now that Crossroads 3PL has gone digital they have consolidated their workflow, making it
faster and easier to complete, store, and distribute documents.

Now, about a third of the staff of Crossroads 3PL use PDFfiller on a weekly basis for all sorts of forms,
but specifically State of Texas carrier forms and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission forms.
“We use it to fill in all template forms and for signatures that need to be verified,” Ford said.

Going digital with all your documents is easy with PDFfiller. All Crossroads 3PL has to do is add forms
to PDFfiller, either by downloading them from the internet or uploading scans of paper documents. Once
integrated into PDFfiller’s easy-to-use online service, Crossroads 3PL staff can type directly onto them,
changing font color, size, and style as necessary.

Using PDFfiller’s proprietary LinkToFill feature, users can make forms fillable by adding specific fields
using a simple drag-and-drop wizard and then send them to others directly. They can then be easily
completed and returned in the click of a mouse. Using the same drag-and-drop wizard, it’s also easy
to make templates to save time when filling in the same form multiple times. The “ease of use for filling
in templates… makes [completing forms] so much easier,” Ford said.

Adding legally-binding electronic signatures to digital forms is simple. Just upload your digital
signature into your PDFfiller account by taking a picture of it or by drawing it with your mouse or
on the screen of your mobile device. Afterwards, in just a click, you can add a digital signature to
any document. Moreover, with PDFfiller’s SendToSign feature, you can send a digital document for
eSignature to up to 20 customers or clients; they can sign it and return it instantly. After the
document has been completed, you will be notified immediately. “[PDFfiller] is an absolute MUST for
signing documents,” said Ford.


A digital document solution brings with it the ability to transmit documents instantly, improving the
communication speed of fast-moving companies. “We often have situations where multiple employees must
sign and fill out State documents,” said Ford. And “PDF filler makes it easy and quick to route the
document to those who need it,” allowing a user to distribute it in just a click and even assign the
order in which a document is signed. A digital solution means that Crossroads 3PL can drastically
decrease the time it takes to add signatures to documents and improve their speed of business.

When sending signed State and Federal documents, security was critical for Crossroads 3PL.
With two-factor authentication, PIN-protected folders, and redundant digital backups on always-on
secure servers, your digital documents are safer than a paper-based alternative and available whenever
and wherever you need them.

And, by going digital, not only does Crossroads 3PL improve the efficiency of their workflow, making
their document management process faster and easier, they also minimize their environmental impact,
which was, said Ford, “the main reason why as the controller, I chose PDFfiller.



PDFfiller has “saved us a tremendous amount of time,” said Ford and “did everything we needed it to do,”
from editing PDFs to adding digital signatures and distributing forms.

Because it’s “easy to use and much faster and more accurate than hand-filling documents,” PDFfiller
has facilitated an improvement in Crossroads 3PL’s workflow, improving the company’s ability to move
documents around the office, add signatures, and fill in forms. “I can’t think of a single reason why
any company would not be using this program,” Ford said.


For the complete paper, click on the link below:

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Use Form SS-4 to open the business of your dreams in 2017

If you are going to do something you are interested in or invest in a business that you believe has great potential in 2017, you should know how to fill out Form SS-4. It is known as the Application for Employer Identification Number. It is not difficult to complete this tax form. However, spend at least 15 minutes of your free time to figure out how this form must be filled. Today’s blog post is devoted to the key instructions that will help you avoid mistakes when completing your SS-4 online.

First of all, you must determine if you need the Employer Identification Number or not. For this you may check a special chart that is attached to the form that will help you with the determination. After that you may start completing this fillable PDF or Word form. Download the printable sample on our site or fill out electronically without the necessity to print it. Once it is ready, you have several options for filing.

You may send the application to the Internal Revenue Service via email or fax. However, we do not recommend it. If you decide to use this option, you will wait about a month to receive the letter from the IRS that they can process your form SS4 online. It is more convenient to apply online. This option allows you to get your EIN just after the completion of the form that takes no more than 15 minutes. We highly recommend it.

If you are an international applicant, you have the chance to apply via telephone. Use the following number: (267)-941-1099. It will take about 10-15 minutes to apply, however, the hold time may be long. Generally, it can take up to an hour. There is one more method: you are eligible to assign a third party designee to file your SS 4 online for you.

Look through all these options and choose the one that suits you best. We recommend applying online as it saves you time, is user-friendly and allows you edit the mistakes made when filling.

How to merge PDF online?

How often do we face a problem to combine several documents in PDF format into one PDF file? Before now a process of combining different documents into one file used to be more complicated and seemed barely possible. First, you had to print the forms, fill them out, scan and then send to the recipient. Today such issue may be easily solved by using special tools offered by PDFfiller. By using this program you effortlessly can combine PDFs online just in few steps to get a desirable result. The only thing you should do is follow the instructions below.
First, you should upload your PDF documents into a folder. Draw attention to the fact that you can`t upload and merge more than five PDF files in one folder. After that, open a folder, choose all documents you need to merge and click “More” button in the toolbar. Then click a “Merge” button to combine necessary documents into one PDF file. You can track all actions as shown at the picture below:
merge pdf, merge pdf files, combine pdfs
The next step is changing an arrangement of PDF documents according to your requirements. In the list provided you may see the order in which documents will appear in a merged PDF file. After that, name the PDF folder and click a “Merge” button as given in examples below:

merge pdf, merge pdf files, combine pdfs
merge pdf, merge pdf files, combine pdfs
A merged file further will be saved in a folder with original PDF documents. At the same time all combined PDF documents in a folder will remain unchanged as shown in an example:

Merge PDF service is a great capacity not only to combine files in a few clicks but also save your time. One more advantage is that you can use this service in most suitable way from any device.
The video with all steps of merging pdf’s provided below:

irs form ss 4, ss 4, ss4 form,

How to Apply for an Employer Identification Number Using Form SS-4

If you need the Employer Identification Number, you must file IRS Form SS-4. It is a key document for every individual who wants to establish his own business on the territory of the United States. This form is called the Application for Employer Identification Number. It is a 9-digit number that must be assigned to every corporation, estate, trust, partnership, individual or other entity. Your business tax account will be established with the help of the information provided in this application. Your EIN cannot be used instead of your SSN (Social security number).

The best way is to apply online. You can easily find a PDF or Word SS-4 form 2017 on our site and complete it electronically. Using our service you will find lots of editing tools that will simplify the process of completion. Do not worry about the mistakes as you can correct them instantly. Add as many fillable fields as you need, sign and date the document, and manage it no matter where you are. There is also the chance to download and print the form, however, this printable option is not that convenient.

There are the instructions and a sample on the official site of the Internal Revenue Service. Check them before starting to fill out the form. Your key task is to provide such information as the name of your organization, your name, the name of the responsible person, the reason for applying, type of your corporation, type of your business activity, mailing address, SSN, date the business was started, the number of the employees, etc.

If you do not want to apply online, you may do so in other ways. You may apply via telephone, fax or email. Filing by telephone may be useful for international applicants. However, the telephone number for non-residents is not toll-free (1-267-941-1099) while the one for citizens is (1-800-829-4933). This option allows you to obtain the EIN in a few minutes.
After sending your application to the IRS fax number, you must wait for about 4 days to receive the IRS SS4 letter of confirmation. Applying via email requires even more time (approximately 4 weeks). Regardless of the way you apply for your Application for Employer Identification Number, we recommend keeping a copy of your application for your records

DaDaDocs for Dynamics 365: Complete Form Builder and Powerful PDF Editor

Our recent release of DaDaDocs for Dynamics 365 allows all Dynamics users to speed up any business process by improving their document management experience. Save time generating documents pre-filled with data from Dynamics entities for your business partners. Close deals faster by editing any agreement, proposal or invoice in PDF format on-the-go. Quickly get essential customer information, and sign a document or send it out for signing on any internet-connected device.

Now you don’t have to leave your Dynamics 365 account to manage your business workflow. DaDaDocs comes in handy at every stage of the business process: from prospecting and sending proposals to signing agreements and closing a deal.

Let’s take a closer look what DaDaDocs can do for you.

Collect customer information quickly and securely with interactive fillable forms. With DaDaDocs you can transform any agreement, proposal or application in PDF or Word format into an interactive fillable form right in your Dynamics account. Add smart fillable fields using the drag and drop wizard. No coding necessary. Moreover, the new fillable form keeps the formatting of the original document, so your company branding stays in place.

To make it even easier for your partners and customers to complete a fillable form, set the filling order and add instructions for each field. Mark fillable fields as required to be sure important information isn’t accidently skipped.

Host your fillable document on your website or share it via a link or QR code. Your colleagues and clients can access it instantly and fill it out on any mobile device using the powerful editing tools in DaDaDocs.

Now you can automatically generate business documents that are pre-filled with data stored in Dynamics entities and create customized templates in minutes. For example, you can automatically add a customer’s information from Contacts to your agreement. If you want to create several invoices for different customers, pre-fill these documents with product details from existing Opportunities without having to type everything out.

Get documents filled out and import the data to Dynamics 365 or an Excel spreadsheet.
Once a customer or partner returns you a document with all the information you need, export the data to Dynamics entities or save the data as an Excel spreadsheet. Use this information to create new agreements and contracts or start a new Dynamics Opportunity.

Brand your documents to make them recognizable and professional. With DaDaDocs you can make the documents stored in your Dynamics account unique and recognizable. Add a company logo, video or watermarks to spread the word about your business and create trust.

Collaborate on editing documents with your partners and colleagues in real time. DaDaDocs allows you to edit any native or image PDF right in your Dynamics account. Type anywhere on a PDF document, draw diagrams and tables, highlight important data and add comments and sticky notes.

With DaDaDocs you can promptly change out-of-date details or correct a typo without re-entering all the information. Erase irrelevant information with a swipe of the cursor and type new information right onto the PDF. Make as many changes to an invoice or contract as you need while the deal is still ongoing. Don’t worry if you need an older version of an agreement: you can always return to it by clicking on Versions.

If you don’t want your customers see your account number, business address, revenue or other sensitive details, it’s a cinch to blackout this information.

Close your agreements and contracts with legally binding e-Signatures, even on-the-go. With DaDaDocs you can sign any business document stored in your Dynamics account or send it out for signing in seconds from any internet-connected device.

Send the document for signing to a group of people with one click. Your colleagues and partners can sign the document on any mobile device and return it in seconds. Submitted documents are stored in your Dynamics account. You can track their status using a unique document ID and react immediately to changes.

Ensure the security of your information using a four-digit PIN and two-factor authentication. With DaDaDocs you can focus on your business and let us take care of security. Stringent security measures guarantee that only the authorized recipient can open and modify a document.

The DaDaDocs integration with Dynamics 365 allows you to manage your entire business workflow within your Dynamics account. The combination of the intuitive document creator and powerful PDF editor makes DaDaDocs a unique solution for managing documents inside Dynamics. Now you can automate the minutiae of document management and stay focused on the big picture.

Check out our official integration page on AppSource to try using DaDaDocs for Dynamics.