Completing and Distributing Financial Forms Digitally

Financial forms


Since 2009, HSI Trust, LTD. has been helping clients take back control of their finances, working “primarily in situations where [clients] are having difficulty with their mortgage, but also student loans, credit cards, anything on the financial side,” said Bruce Boguslav, Executive Director of the organization.

Because HSI Trust works in the field of non-profit consumer advocacy to assist individuals across the country, “We don’t sell product, we just work with [clients] to either negotiate with their lender or various things like that,” Boguslav said.

Featured on ABC’s World News Tonight and Nightline as well as in the Huffington Post, HSI Trust are experts in their field and serve customers across the country. With such wide outreach, massive demand for their services, and the need to process and distribute huge numbers of financial documents, HSI Trust needed an effective digital document management solution to streamline their workflow.


The Problem

Working in the financial space, Boguslav and his team at HSI Trust needed an efficient digital document management solution that was simple, quick, and cost-effective.

Because they are helping to solve a range of financial issues for clients across the country, HSI Trust works with hundreds of different forms. “We’re dealing with various types of forms for submission,” said Boguslav. “There’s a gazillion, depending on what the issue is… We’ve got our own that we use to gather information with our clients, some basic financial [forms], then there’s some additional paperwork that goes with very specific [financial situations]… Some come in fax; some come in all different formats.”

Before PDFfiller, forms came in various formats and were difficult to distribute, manage, complete, store and return. Boguslav knew that he needed a digital solution, but couldn’t find an adequate tool for the job.

“We were using different PDF [tools] – we have an older version of Acrobat we’re using occasionally. We’ve also tried something called CutePDF. We’ve been through a couple different tools. Yeah, in some cases- we’ve been doing this since 2006- earlier, we were literally doing cut and paste. Or you’d [have to] scan it four times,” Boguslav said.


Before switching to PDFfiller, HSI Trust struggled with the complex feature set of Adobe Acrobat. Expensive and clumsy, Acrobat was a less than perfect solution. So too were other online PDF tools which did not provide the same ease-of-use features and functionality as PDFfiller. An analog, paper-based solution was inadequate – being too slow, time-consuming, and personnel dependent.

But then HSI Trust found PDFfiller. “After struggling with some of the other tools and then looking at Acrobat and the cost of upgrading, we just decided to try [PDFfiller]. It works!” said Boguslav.

The Solution

PDFfiller makes it easy to collate, complete, distribute, and return forms. With its intuitive user interface, PDFfiller makes document management simple.

Now, instead of completing forms by hand or using a complex, clumsy digital solution, Boguslav, HSI Trust, and clients can complete forms digitally; creating a faster, more legible and organized workflow.

“Mostly what we’re doing is setting it up here, in-house, and then either emailing to the client, or else we’re just using it ourselves,” said Boguslav. “In some cases, we’re emailing it to the client, and then we have a copy, they have a copy, and we can walk [them through] the form – it’s a lot simpler. And sometimes we’ll have them fill in parts of it; sometimes we’ll just take the information over the phone and fill it in. Occasionally, they’ll email us other documents,” which can then be consolidated with other digital forms to create a comprehensive folder of client information. “So either for us internally, or in some cases, with clients, being able to email and let them fill in [forms] – it makes life a lot simpler.”


With all the documents distributed and collected by HSI Trust, finding an efficient means of storage was critical. Going digital means that those thousands of documents can be stored remotely in the cloud or on secure hard drive-based digital storage. Documents kept on PDFfiller’s cloud-based system are always accessible, meaning you can edit, send, and sign from anywhere you have an internet connection.

PDFfiller relies on Amazon’s S3 servers and adds two-factor authentication and PIN-protected folders to ensure sensitive documents are always kept secure.

With PDFfiller, “either clients or our staff fill in [forms and] instead of trying to deal with all these different forms in different formats, we’re able to put them in one place – [PDFfiller] makes life a lot simpler,” said Boguslav. “This lets us put a package together.

Moreover, when dealing with financial forms, being able to add signatures is crucial. PDFfiller allows users to add a signature by drawing on their touch-sensitive device, scanning it in, or simply holding a copy up to their computer’s camera. Once saved in PDFfiller’s system, a digital signature is available to use on any of your digital documents in just a click – “[adding digital signatures] is coming in handy,” said Boguslav. And with PDFfiller’s advanced SendToSign feature, you can send digital documents to clients or colleagues for signature and have them returned automatically.


More advanced features available through PDFfiller’s intuitive online graphical interface include the ability to highlight important information, redact sensitive text, add sticky notes to direct clients’ attention to specific issues, and even API connectivity, which allows users to post documents directly to their website and have them completed by others without ever leaving the page.

This combination of powerful and easy-to-use features make “[PDFfiller] a nice fit for us,” Boguslav said. “[PDFfiller is] faster and more focused – Acrobat and the features there are overkill for us. So to spend money on that, even for their online version, when we’re using a small portion of it [doesn’t make sense]; we just need something that meets our needs, that’s not overkill. And [PDFfiller] does it.


PDFfiller is faster than analog and digital counterparts and features everything you need at hand and nothing you don’t. It is an always-on digital document solution available anywhere, any time, and on any internet-connected device.

PDFfiller’s comprehensive digital solution is so fast, efficient and easy to use, that Boguslav has recommended it to many of his clients – “We’ve got professionals, we’ve got dentists, some lawyers, we’ve got folks that have small businesses [as clients and] we’ve recommended it to them.”

PDFfiller “works much better” than paper-based documents or competing digital services said Boguslav. With so many forms, “it is much easier for us to use [PDFfiller].

Not only is PDFfiller an ideal solution for in-house work, but so too does it serve customers and clients. “[Clients] are happy, they’re very happy. [PDFfiller] makes life easier for them: it makes it easier for us,” Boguslav said.


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Fill out Form W-12 Online to Become a Paid Tax Preparer

Form W-12: IRS Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) Application and Renewal

For the majority of Americans the US tax system is very complicated. We don’t want to spend days and nights calculating taxes, completing declarations and trying not to lose our temper and mind. But if you have a knack for numbers and like solving financial puzzles, can work under pressure and you are ready to fill in a tax form on the eve of the due date – you might be interested in becoming a paid tax preparer. Working as a tax preparer has lots of advantages. Think it over: the taxpayers usually need consulting services only during the tax season. Tax preparers don’t have to pull all-nighters every day. After the 15th of April they have plenty of time and money for vacation, self-development and relaxing. So, how do the paid tax preparers start out?

Before dealing with tax returns all tax specialists must get a preparer tax identification number (PTIN) from the IRS. They can easily obtain a PTIN by completing IRS Form W-12, Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number Application and Renewal. The tax preparers usually save time and file the form with the IRS electronically.

In this blog post we’ll show you how to fill out the application entirely online with PDFfiller, skipping the time-consuming printing and scanning steps.

Who must file Form W-12?

Any paid tax return preparer must apply for and receive a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). The PTIN must be renewed annually. A tax return preparer is any individual who is compensated for preparing or assisting in the preparation of all of a tax return or claim for refund of tax.
Now when you are sure that you have to complete Form W-12, it’s time to find how to do this.

How to Fill Out Form W-12 Online:

Step 1. Find Form W-12 in the PDFfiller online library of fillable documents

You can quickly find Form W-12 using the PDFfiller Search Engine. Go to MY DOCS in your PDFfiller account, click Add New Document and open the Search for Documents tab. Enter the name of the form and click the Search button.

2014 w 12, 2014, PTIN, W-12 CPA, SSN, Preparer, 1040-SS, w12 EIN

Before opening the form, you can watch a video tutorial and read a short description that will help you complete the form.

Step 2. Open Form W-12 in the PDFfiller Editor

Now you just need to select the required document from the search result (Form W-12 or Instructions) and click Fill online.

This will open Form W-12 in the PDFfiller online editor.

2014 w 12, 2014, PTIN, W-12 CPA, SSN, Preparer, 1040-SS, w12 EIN

Step 3. Fill in the document using PDFfiller editing tools

Use all the powerful PDFfiller editing tools to neatly fill in Form W-12. Click anywhere on the document and start typing. Choose the type and size of the font, avoid mistakes with the Spelling tool, add images and checkmarks if needed.
The document contains smart fillable fields. These fields will guide you through the form and make completing it fast and easy. Click Next to move to the next field.

2014 w 12, 2014, PTIN, W-12 CPA, SSN, Preparer, 1040-SS, w12 EIN

You can always check how many fields are left by clicking on the fillable Wizard tool in the top panel.

2014 w 12, 2014, PTIN, W-12 CPA, SSN, Preparer, 1040-SS, w12 EIN

Click anywhere on the document and start typing.
Block 1. Type in your full name and current PTIN (if you already have one). Here you also need to indicate the purpose of the application: initial or renewal.
Block 2. Check whether you want the PTIN to be valid for the current calendar year or the next calendar year.
Block 3. Indicate your SSN and date of birth.
Block 4, 5 and 6. Type in your personal and business mailing address, phone number and email.
Block 7. Provide information about felony convictions.
Block 8 and 9. Type in the details of your last U.S. individual income tax return filed with the IRS (these blocks are applicable only for an initial application).
Block 10. Provide information about preparation of Form 1040 (skip this block if you are an attorney, public accountant or enrolled agent).
Block 11. Certify that you comply with your tax obligations.
Block 12. Check all the appropriate boxes that apply to your professional skills.

Step 4. Sign Form W-12 with a legally binding eSignature

The hardest part of the job is done. Your Form W-12 looks neat and you still have the strength to go to the end. And the end is near. Just two more steps are ahead: signature and date.
With PDFfiller’s Signature Wizard it will take you only minute to add a legally binding signature using your smartphone, keyboard, mouse or webcam. Customize the signature according to your needs and save it for future use.

2014 w 12, 2014, PTIN, W-12 CPA, SSN, Preparer, 1040-SS, w12 EIN

To add the current date, move to the date field. It will be added automatically.

Step 5. Submit the completed Form W-12

Finally, the last step of our completion quest: submission. Click DONE to save all your edits and choose what you want to do with Form W-12 next.

2014 w 12, 2014, PTIN, W-12 CPA, SSN, Preparer, 1040-SS, w12 EIN

To view the completed form got to MY DOCS.
This step-by-step instruction shows that with PDFfiller any tax advisor, taxpayer or other professional can complete and manage their documents without additional effort and time.
Visit our website to learn more about other PDFfiller’s features.

Sending & Signing Contracts the Digital Way



Since 1994, HTDNET has been providing a range of IT solutions. Founded as a web design company, 23 years on, HTDNet now offers comprehensive IT services for both business and personal users. For everything from laptop and server sale and repair to web marketing and design, HTDNET can provide a custom solution.

“We’re a technology service company – computer repair, web design, web hosting, IT services, web marketing, with IT we do pretty much everything,” said Matthew Demaree, the company’s CEO. Last year, HTDNET even began operating a VoIP solution, giving customers a powerful new communication tool.

HTDNET serves hundreds of clients, providing bespoke solutions to both simple and complex technical problems.


The Problem

Demaree was looking for a low cost digital solution that would enable him to add signatures to documents. Before switching to PDFfiller, HTDNET’s contract renewals and other documents were dealt with by “fax machine and DocuSign,” Demaree said. But that process was “long, tedious, and costly.”

Faxing documents was clumsy, as many customers no longer own fax machines and the process requires an extra phone line and an additional device. Moreover, the process tied Demaree to his office. The process was made even more complicated by the fact that customers then had to fill out the form by hand before sending it back, meaning legibility and speed became a concern.


At up to $480 per year for a business plan, DocuSign was an expensive solution to a simple problem. “DocuSign,” said Demaree, “would have cost us more than we wanted to pay… I wanted a lower cost solution than using DocuSign.”

The Solution

Now, instead of an anachronistic, low-tech solution or an expensive, complicated digital processes, HTDNET is using PDFfiller every week.

HTDNET has completely eliminated fax machines from their office, Demaree said and since going digital, “I am 99% paperless. The only paper I really consume is the checks that people mail me.” The digital solution is more ecologically friendly and, by eliminating fax machines, Demaree has improved the legibility of his contracts and reduced their turnaround time. And, at only $180 per year, PDFfiller’s business plan is more than 60% cheaper than DocuSign’s.

Using PDFfiller to have clients complete and sign documents with legally binding digital signatures is easy: Demaree uploads his document to PDFfiller’s online document management solution, adds client information, makes certain fields fillable and then sends them for completion and signature.

PDFfiller makes editing documents, inputting information, and adding a signature easier than other electronic solutions. “I just find it a little bit easier than DocuSign to manipulate a document and get it ready to send out.” said Demaree.


“We’ve asked them to sign [contracts], put their name on it, put their position, and date it,” said Demaree, but PDFfiller also makes it easy to request other information from recipients. With customizable dropdown menus and fillable fields, PDFfiller is the easiest way to collect neat client-completed documents. PDFiller allows you to mandate that clients submit certain information, ensuring your forms are always complete when they’ve been returned.

With SendToSign, PDFfiller allows you to send documents for legally-binding electronic signatures to up to 20 clients instantly and without ever leaving PDFfiller. You can receive notifications when documents have been signed and returned. And users can also even designate the document be signed in a specific order and have it distributed automatically. Digital signatures reduce document turnaround time and make it easier to keep records of all your contracts.


PDFfiller is the best way to complete, send, and sign documents.

A completely digital solution: decreases document turnaround time, increases document legibility and makes document storage easier.

Because it is cheaper and more powerful than the competition, Demaree recommends PDFfiller as a solution for companies looking to manage their documents, send and receive contracts, and add legally-binding digital signatures instantly.


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What Features Are Important When Selecting Construction Project Management Software

Managing a project can turn out to be an overwhelming task especially for newcomers in the construction industry. It becomes even harder if you don’t have the right tools to help you out. Industry veterans have all the inside knowledge on how to launch and complete a successful project. But every problem has a solution. All you have to do is find the right project management software and you will be able to launch a successful construction project and have it completed on schedule.

By now, you might think that choosing the right project management tool can be very tough. But there is no need to worry! We’ve compiled some research and are happy to present you with the most important features that you should always look for before selecting project management software.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right project solution:

Solution Type

The first feature that you should invest your attention in is the type of solution you need. Project management tools come in 3 tiers: low end, midrange, and high end project solutions. Each is determined by the size of your project and budget.

Low-end solutions are best suited for small businesses that have limited needs. These products come with limited functionalities as compared to mid-range and high-end solutions and are normally hosted online.

Midrange solutions have robust features that give the project manager more control. This solution can range anywhere from $2,500 to $30,000 and can be based either on-site or web-based.

High End Solutions are best suited for bigwig corporations that have multiple offices in different areas and need linking. These systems work best for the company’s executive management and can cost $50,000+.

Determine the right tier for your project to get full benefits at the right cost.

Type Of Platform Hosting The Solution

You need a stable and reliable solution if you are considering a high end or midrange solution. Knowing more about the service provider and the platform hosting the solution is vital especially if your project is going to last for several years. The platform should be flexible enough to accommodate changes in case the project scope shifts in the future. This flexibility is vital, especially for big projects.

Project Scheduling

The solution should give you flexibility when it comes to scheduling dates for the project. Most low-end solutions have hard coded dates that might not be suitable for some projects. With a smart intelligent feature, you can reset project dates while all other scheduled tasks on the calendar re-adjust themselves.

Microsoft Project Import and Export Capability

There are a few problems you might encounter with this feature from the solution provider. Some of the problems that bring headache to most project owners include the service provider requiring you to purchase an add-on for the MS project import and export on your end, expecting you to eat the cost for the feature, importing/exporting the right data and its relationships. The best way to avoid encountering this headache is by asking the solution provider for clarification prior to purchasing their services.

Classification of Project Stakeholders and Members

If your project includes many members with different roles, then the system should have the capabilities to classify them and give different levels of access to each.

The Multi-role feature enables the project manager to assign different posts to individuals on the system.

The Multi-level feature enables the project manager to give access permissions to different people e.g. viewing of classified documents.

Navigating Your Solution

Some project solutions come with pre-set navigation which can hinder your efforts to modify navigation to some folders. You need to have a solution that gives you access to change/edit/modify some features to match with your project’s needs.

Creating Your Template

Most times, you will find that tasks within the project follow the same path. Instead of having to create different templates for each task, your project solution should allow you to create similar templates for similar tasks which saves time. In that way, you get rid of the painful busy work and you can focus on the more vital aspects of your project. Undoubtedly, a great boost for your project’s efficiency!

Customizing Your Solution

The project solution you settle for should give you the power to customize features depending on your current situation. There are times you find your project needs shifting and thus you will need to customize a few things in the system. For this purpose, it’s of tremendous importance to have the flexibility of adjusting your project according to your current needs with no extra fuss.

Helpful Onboarding

Getting everyone in your project working on new software can be truly challenging, given the fact that some people are more technologically savvy as others. That’s why it’s extremely important to choose a project management software that will provide you with a trustworthy and helpful onboarding solution. Before you make any choice explore your possibilities thoroughly and choose a company that is most determined to assist you after purchasing their product.

Support 24/7

As a continuation of the previous feature, it is indispensable to use a project management software that can offer you quick and effective support 24/7. Tough situations may emerge at any possible moment and for that reason you need to feel secure and protect your project from potentially damaging situations. This becomes even more crucial in cases where your construction company is operating in different areas around the globe and where there is a significant time difference.


There are different types of solutions and solution providers in the market. Getting the right product is key for the success of your business and the project that you are working on. Thus, put emphasis on the tools that you use for work to avoid any setbacks that might delay project completion. You can choose between SaaS or on-site solutions depending on your needs and budget.

About the author: Anastasios Koutsogiannis is marketing coordinator in GenieBelt, a construction project management company that is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A Helping Hand For a Disabled Student: Completing Homework Digitally


The Problem

Until last year, Benjamin Landry’s 13-year old son was having difficulty with homework and his disability. Faced with a sizeable workload and struggling to reconcile his handwriting disability with the demands of school, he had to turn to his parents for help. At 13, Landry’s son still wasn’t completing his work independently, instead relying on his parents’ help.

“I was looking for something to help my son with schoolwork. He has a handwriting disability and typing answers are easier than writing,” said Landry.

As a Certified Professional Accountant and business owner, Landry’s time was valuable and he was spending much of his evenings helping his son complete his homework. After searching online, he found a simple, easy to use electronic solution that could help his son improve his ability to do his homework.


Before starting to use PDFfiller, “my son was dependent on others in order to get his thoughts onto paper in a legible way,” said Landry.

The problem imposed on the lives of Landry and his wife. “Before PDFfiller, my wife and I were having to transcribe his answers for him and his teachers would have to review what he wrote with him in order to understand what was written,” Landry said. His son’s handwriting issue demanded the time and attention of Landry and his wife, while compromising their son’s independence.

After struggling for years with his son, Landry found PDFfiller.

The Solution

Now, Landry’s son has been using PDFfiller “for over a year” on a daily basis. “Once we showed him how it worked, it was easy [for him to use],” Landry said.

Rather than relying on others to transcribe his work for him, now Landry’s son can complete his homework independently. The process is easy:

“We scan and upload his worksheets,” said Landry. “He completes them and then he either emails them directly to his teachers or we print them to be turned in.”


With its intuitive user interface, using PDFfiller is simple for both Landry and his son. Once homework or a test has been digitized, specific fields can be made fillable using PDFfiller’s drag-and-drop wizard. Landry’s son can type directly onto the document and PDFfiller even allows him to change the font style, size, and color, as well as highlight passages or add sticky notes. Once completed, documents can be sent to any number of recipients, including already saved contacts, in a click of the mouse and without ever leaving PDFfiller.

“We liked that we could upload his school papers [and] his teachers can send him his tests and he can fill them out with his computer,” said Landry.

While PDFfiller makes it easier for students to complete documents by allowing them to do so digitally, schools and teachers can also benefit. In fact, PDFfiller can be as beneficial for teachers as it is for students. PDFfiller allows teachers to distribute documents to all of their students in just a click and then collect them once completed automatically. Having students type their submitted work makes it easier for teachers to read, store, and process it than with a paper-based solution.


Making homework easy means that documents need to be simple to upload, edit, and send — PDFfiller does all the hard work, allowing Landy’s son to complete and turn in neatly printed assignments on time.


Because PDFfiller allows Landy’s son to type directly onto any document, the homework process is easier for student, parent, and teacher. Circumventing his handwriting disability, Landy’s son has found independence through a digital solution, creating neat, legible documents himself that his teachers no longer have any problem reading. Landy, meanwhile, has freed up time for personal and professional pursuits. Completing and turning in homework has never been easier than it is with PDFfiller.


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