Editing Invoices and Estimates with PDFfiller


Bolyard Lumber is south Michigan’s leader in upscale construction. A fourth generation family business, Bolyard Lumber is committed to providing the highest quality service, value, and work. For decades, Bolyard Lumber has worked closely with suppliers and clients to source the best materials and create the highest quality custom solutions. They provide a variety of bespoke solutions including installing doors, windows, cabinets, flooring, closets, and even doing interior millwork and sourcing lumber and deck materials.

In 2008, they were awarded Innovative Dealer of the Year and ProSales Online’s Excellent Showroom Award.

In 2008, Bolyard Lumber was awarded Innovative Dealer of the Year and ProSales Online’s Excellent Showroom Award.

The results show in the homes and businesses of clients, but also in the company’s bottom line. With 15 million dollars a year in revenue, multiple offices, and 70 employees, Bolyard Lumber is one of Michigan’s premier contractors.

Ross Josephson is a manager at the company focusing on window installations.

The Problem

When Josephson is creating invoices for customers he uses manufacturers’ proprietary software to generate estimates based on the materials used. This software works well as a means by which Josephson can accurately estimate the cost of a project, but often neglects to provide space for additional costs, which are then hard to add to the automatically generated PDF.

“The quote is being generated from my computer in software — as an example, Marvin Windows can generate proposals in their system,” said Josephson. But before PDFfiller, Josephson was left without a way to manipulate these quotes. “[The manufacturer’s] quote is great but it won’t let me put outside materials or costs in,” said Josephson. “Maybe there’s an element of a quote that I don’t want on there that the manufacturer of the software won’t allow me to remove.”

Before PDFfiller, Josephson had to go through a long and complicated procedure to edit his PDFs. “We would literally cut and paste [or] in a Word document it was much harder to change because I couldn’t retain the format that the other manufacturers had,” said Josephson. “I’d have to reformat everything and it’d take a lot longer.”

In order to solve his document editing problems, Josephson searched online and stumbled across PDFfiller — “I tried it and it worked great,” he said.

The Solution

Ross Josephson found a simple solution for a simple problem: “I had a need to edit PDFs” — he found PDFfiller and now, it “allows me to manipulate the PDFs and blend products from different manufacturers into one quote,” he said.

The process is easy. Josephson can upload his documents to PDFfiller. From there, in just a few clicks, he can make forms fillable or use PDFfiller’s powerful editing tools to erase figures, highlight phrases, and add text, watermarks and custom branding, making his estimates come out looking professional.

“I can remove [text] or if I’m adding labor to something and I want to make a nice bundle presentation on a quote… I can add them in with PDFfiller. I can take that proposal and manipulate it… We can [even] watermark them,” Josephson said. “Everything we send out of here is a PDF,” said Josephson, so it’s important that he retains the ability to edit while preserving formatting and keeping his documents looking professional.

Now Josephson is using PDFfiller up to twice a day. And “when we use it it makes a huge difference,” he said.

It is saving a “dramatic” amount of time, Josephson claimed – “It’s a great time saving tool for me.” PDFfiller is “very easy [to use],” and, because it’s online rather than installed on your computer, you can edit, send, and sign documents from anywhere and at anytime. PDFfiller is helping Josephson save “time and [improve] presentation quality.”

PDFfiller also allows Josephson to store all his quotes in the cloud, meaning that whenever he needs to access or update an old quote it’s available, anywhere, anytime, and from any internet-connected device.


With its comprehensive feature-set, from powerful document editing tools to e-signatures and electronic document completion, PDFfiller is the most complete and easy-to-use document management service. Josephson has made it an integral part of his workflow and in doing so, has cut the time it takes to edit and send documents.”I think it’s a great product,” he said.

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How to edit PDF file?

In today’s progressive world, having a lack of time, you feel a strong necessity in a universal tool that can help to solve document issues in easy way whether you are on go or at the office. Before now you had to spend plenty of time to print the form, complete it and finally send to a recipient. With the help of PDFfiller a process of editing pdf files ceased to be complicated and time-consuming. Now you can easily edit PDF files online. Just in a few clicks you can edit PDFs and make all necessary changes to a document in compliance with the requirements. The only thing you need is to follow the specified instructions.
Before using the PDF editor download a necessary form to your account. At the top of the page you will see a toolbar with a variety of editing tools as shown at the picture below:
edit pdf,editing pdf files, how to edit a pdf file
In order to start typing or inserting the text you have to click the “Text” button on the top of the page. You can also change text size, color or font type by clicking the appropriate icons in the toolbar according to an example:

edit pdf, editing pdf files, how to edit a pdf file

With the help of PDF editor you may easily sign documents online. First click the “Sign” button in the toolbar. Then choose most suitable way of signing a document, i.e. by drawing, typing, uploading a signature from a computer or capturing it with a webcam or a smartphone. You can also customize a document by adding fillable fields, text boxes and notes with the help of corresponding options provided in the menu. Click the “Edit” button to highlight or erase the text. In order to view the editing history, add a watermark or number the pages, click the “Version” button as shown at the picture below:
edit pdf, editing pdf files, how to edit a pdf file

When you finish filling out, editing or making amendments in a document, click the “Done” button at the right and save, print or email this file from any device in a few clicks. With the help of PDFfiller you will have professional-looking and neat documents in a matter of minutes. For more details about how to edit PDF’s watch the video provided below:

Completing Forms & Shipping Packages the Digital Way


When companies need to ship dangerous goods, they can’t do it by regular post. Batteries, explosives, paint, hairspray, chemicals, and even Pam baking spray all qualify as hazardous and need special shipping permissions. When companies need to move this sensitive material, there aren’t many places they can turn, so they contact Dangerous Goods Packing Service.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with another location in Buffalo, New York, Dangerous Goods Packing Service provides comprehensive shipping services for companies that need to move sensitive goods. A second generation family business, Dangerous Goods Packing Service has thirty years of experience and is a leader in the field, working closely with various shipping organizations and regulatory agencies to ensure that clients’ packages get where they need to go safely and quickly.

Dangerous Goods Packing Service is an approved Transport Canada Air Cargo Certified Agent.


We have specialized in preparing, packing and shipping since 1985.

“We ship dangerous goods all over the world, so we do documentation, labeling, and emergency response for anything moving air, ocean or ground,” said Katrina Monette, a manager at Dangerous Goods Packing Service whose father started the company. “[Dangerous goods] needs to be packed properly and it all needs to have special documentation, so that’s where [PDFfiller] comes into play.”

– Katrina Monette, Manager at DGP

Looking for a solution to their documentation and paperwork problems, Katrina turned to PDFfiller.


Before PDFfiller, Dangerous Goods Packing Service was relying on a decidedly old hat solution:

“We were just downloading specific forms and then we’d have to write them all by hand or you have to buy specific software for them which can run thousands of dollars for dangerous goods software.”

– Katrina Monette, Manager at DGP

Government forms needed to be filled out quickly, neatly and efficiently in order to ensure packages get to their destination safely and on time, but lacking a cost-effective solution, Dangerous Goods Packing Service had to download them, print them, complete them by hand, and then attach them to shipments. And before PDFfiller, a digital solution was financially infeasible: “to get a real program for what we need is around 3 to 5 thousand dollars,” said Monette.

The handwritten process was slow, inefficient, and less than ideal. With ten packages to ship a day, the cost in time and energy to download, print, and write out documents by hand quickly added up. Each package would have to be dealt with individually, each form printed and painstakingly completed. Poor handwriting could result in a lost shipment, or worse with dangerous goods, a safety problem. A typewritten, easily repeatable digital solution was critical to streamlining Dangerous Goods Packing Service’s workflow.

The Solution

PDFfiller is the ideal solution to Dangerous Goods Packing Service’s problems. By providing an easy digital solution to an analog problem, PDFfiller can streamline Dangerous Goods Packing Service’s document-related issues.

“We needed some sort of software to be able to input data directly onto the forms, because there are special boxes we have to fill in… so we needed a solution.”

– Katrina Monette, Manager at DGP

Now that they have found PDFfiller, Dangerous Goods Packing Service is “using it five times a day” to streamline their shipping workflow.

The process is easy: Dangerous Goods Packing Service adds a digital packing form into PDFfiller and makes it fillable using PDFfiller’s drag and drop wizard, which enables users to easily add fillable fields to any digital document. Dangerous Goods Packing Service then saves the document as a fillable template so they can easily complete it in the future. After that, it’s always simple to add information to a digital document, print it out whenever necessary, and then add it to a package.

“We just wanted some sort of PDF [template] that we could input all of our data into then print it off from there. And now, we use [PDFfiller] for all of our forms and for any documentation that leaves our facility.”

– Katrina Monette, Manager at DGP

Because it allows you to type directly onto forms, PDFfiller ensures that all documents are completed neatly and legibly, making the shipping process faster and safer.

PDFfiller’s complete digital document management solution even allows users to add legally-binding electronic signatures to their digital documents. Using its comprehensive featureset, Monette and Dangerous Goods Packing Service are “[saving] hours” by going digital with PDFfiller. And with PDFfiller’s emphasis on security, including two-factor authentication and PIN-protected folders, Dangerous Goods Packing Service can be sure that confidential information will stay safe.

“We needed software where we could put the forms that we have instead of redoing them,” said Monette, and now that Dangerous Goods Packing Service has a digital solution that allows them to create and complete templates, they and are never put in the position of needlessly redoing forms. And because PDFfiller can save all your documents to the cloud, Dangerous Goods Packing Service is able to keep a secure digital record of all of their documentation without wasting office space with paper documents.


Now that everybody in the office is on PDFfiller, shipping forms are completed faster and more effectively than ever before.

“It’s really convenient, it is easy to use once you learn how to use it. When the problems do arise, it’s really simple and makes life easier,” said Monette.

PDFfiller is the easiest way to edit PDFs online and create fillable forms for completing and signing from any internet-connected device, anytime. With all of its powerful tools, PDFfiller helps make Dangerous Goods Packaging Service’s workflow faster than ever before.

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Sending Insurance Documents From The Field


DeBruyne Insurance Agency provides coverage for over 150 business accounts and 200 personalized accounts in the mid-west. Focusing on property and casualty insurance, DeBruyne is an independent insurer providing personalized service and “we’re licensed and ready to do everything,” said Ed DeBruyne, the company’s founder and president.

DeBruyne is an independent insurance agency; rather than working for a bigger insurance company, they focus on serving their clients. They pride themselves on their “old fashioned” approach to business, focusing on customer service and expertise in the industry. The company has two offices and employs four people across locations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

DeBryne Insurance Agency is located at the corner of 5th and Main Street in St. Charles, IL

The Problem

DeBruyne travels all over the Illinois and Wisconsin working in the field with his clients. “The problem came into the mix for me where I work off site and I need a way to fill in the Acord forms [the insurance applications],” said DeBruyne.

“The problem came into the mix for me where I work off site and I need a way to fill in the Acord forms [the insurance applications]”

Ed DeBruyne, Founder and President

DeBruyne’s work takes him to remote corners of rural states far from computers and the office. Sometimes, clients will need insurance documents immediately, even on the weekends when nobody is in the office. “I was off site and I needed documents filled out,” said DeBruyne. “When I’m off site, I don’t have access to the AMS [Agency Management System],” meaning he can’t complete the required forms.

“Waiting until somebody got in the office… was not ideal. I had to do something different. I would get a call on Saturday afternoon when I’m away from both [offices]. One of my contractors says ‘I need a certificate of insurance for work on Sunday morning…’ but here it is at three o’clock in the afternoon, there’s no way anybody is getting into the office to type that certificate out. So that was why I started with PDFfiller to begin with,” said DeBruyne.

DeBruyne Insurance Agency needed a solution that could work anywhere, at anytime, and completely remotely. DeBruyne found PDFfiller.

The Solution

There were two factors that contributed to DeBruyne’s decision to integrate PDFfiller into his company’s workflow: “the only thing I considered was ease of use and speed of use,” he said. Making sure documents could get from the worksite to the main office and vice versa immediately and easily was his priority. Now DeBruyne has been using it for a couple of years “pretty much daily.”

With PDFfiller, DeBruyne and DeBruyne Insurance Agency can fill out forms completely remotely — anywhere from the busy streets of Chicago to the lush fields and bucolic countryside of rural Wisconsin.

The process is easy: “[With PDFfiller], I can find any Acord form in the world — I put it into the system and type it out.” Using PDFfiller’s proprietary drag and drop wizard, DeBruyne can make his paper documents digital and fillable. Once saved as a fillable template in his PDFfiller account, the forms are easy to access and complete from anywhere, at any time, and on any internet-connected device. From there, DeBruyne is just a click away from completion — after he fills out a form, it can be transmitted directly “either to the client, the certificate holder, or both,” right from DeBruyne’s digital device.

“[Time saving] is impossible to measure because before I found PDFfiller, I would handwrite things out and then I’d have to go back to Illinois and type it into the actual forms. This way, boom, I’m one and done, I touch it once and it’s over with. I can email my staff in Illinois, ‘Hey print this out and put it into their file or type it into the AMS system.’ It’s really impossible to measure the amount of time it saves,” said DeBruyne.

While PDFfiller enables him to complete documents electronically, it also enables DeBruyne to edit them online, creating customized solutions for his clients wherever he might be. Whether he needs to add or erase a specific field, highlight or redact important information, or even place a sticky note as a memo to one of the office’s other employees, PDFfiller provides a complete digital document editing platform to ensure DeBruyne Insurance Agency’s can create professional-looking documents for any situation.

Because he is transmitting important and sensitive documents and storing them, DeBruyne was forced to consider their security. It was, “absolutely”, a critical factor in his decision making process, DeBruyne said. A combination of remote storage, redundant backups, high-grade physical security, combined with PDFfiller’s proprietary online security features like two-factor authentication and PIN-protected folders, mean that DeBruyne can be sure that his documents are always completely secure.


DeBruyne “absolutely” recommends PDFfiller as a digital document management solution because, in the field, he and the DeBruyne Insurance Agency can count on it to edit, send, and add signatures to documents. PDFfiller saves DeBruyne time and energy, allowing them to generate more business through a digital document management platform that is faster and easier than a paper-based solution. PDFfiller makes it easy to do business wherever you are and is available whenever you need it.

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Off Duty Blue Depends On PDFfiller to Facilitate Contracting Processes


Off Duty Blue helps provide police protection for private companies, especially construction sites. Working closely with local police departments, Off Duty Blue helps facilitate secondary employment and hiring for special events for current police officers looking to work extra hours.

Based in Syracuse, New York, Off Duty Blue has connected with half a dozen police departments and contracts 35 officers, a figure that they’re looking to multiply to about 400 as they expand down the entire east coast. Though a new company, Off Duty Blue is already providing about 1,000 hours a month of services and in the coming months expects to see that rise to about 6,000.

Off Duty Blue is a security logistics solution that allows clients to easily request security details, officers to find work that fits their schedule, and departments to manage their workforce.


The Problem

Off Duty Blue occupies a niche in the market previously filled by mid-level management, desk calendars, and paper permission slips. When Jim Raschella and his two partners created the company, they saw a hole in the market in which a digital service could be an effective solution, but they knew that there would be a number of component parts to be integrated before they could satisfy it. “When we first conceptualized this idea, part of the value proposition was automated payment, so we always knew we needed [PDFfiller’s] capability, we just didn’t know how to get that capability…” said Raschella. A digital document management solution was going to need to be an integral part of Off Duty Blue.

The paper solution was impractical for both police officers and departments. With paper-based scheduling and approval forms, documents can have to “hit four or five people before it gets approved… as well as a signature from the client themself. So one of the things officers were having to do on their day off was driving these pieces of paper all over the place to get them signed by their chain of command as well as the employer. That’s actually where we started looking for a more efficient way to handle that process for them.”

“What we’ve done is turn that bulletin board into digital software that can be used on any device,” said Raschella. To do that, Off Duty Blue needed PDFfiller.

80% of the hours worked nationwide are dealt with paper-based solutions, Raschella claimed, so streamlining this was critical for Off Duty Blue and provided huge scope to improve the efficiency of police departments.

“Our platform does a great job of streamlining the requests, approvals, assignments, and processing the officer’s payments, but permits vary by department. We quickly realized that all the digital features were useless if we get stuck waiting on paper, so we started to explore different applications that could help us digitalize that process as well.” said Raschella. After Off Duty Blue tried another service, “we found PDFfiller, [a solution] that’s half the price and works twice as well,” said Jim Raschella.

The Solution

Off Duty Blue will be relying on PDFfiller on a daily basis to streamline their hiring and record keeping processes.

PDFfiller makes the process faster, easier, and ensures better business practices.

“Two of our goals when starting this company were to simplify the process of detail scheduling and to protect officers and departments by keeping better records,” said Raschella.

Fortunately for Off Duty Blue, “PDFfiller helps us take a permit process that used to take hours or days and reduce it to minutes. More importantly, having a digital version of the permit with timestamped signatures that can be reviewed and audited at a later date keeps everything transparent and improves accountability.”

Permits can easily be uploaded to PDFfiller and made completely fillable using the proprietary fillable fields drag and drop wizard. PDFs are completely editable on PDFfiller’s web platform from any internet-connected device anywhere, anytime.

Adding security staff is easier now that PDFfiller has been integrated into Off Duty Blue’s digital solution. Through both the API and the web app, PDFfiller makes it easy to edit, complete, sign, send, and store digital documents.

Using proprietary features like PDFfiller’s “SendToSign”, Off Duty Blue can distribute forms across multiple offices instantly. SendToSign even allows officers to forward the document on to the next supervisor to sign automatically, meaning officers can complete their paperwork in minutes rather than hours. And a digital file stored on secure servers is always available and can never get lost or accidentally thrown away; an audit trail and revision history means users can see what’s been changed.

Using PDFfiller is so easy that “Not once has a document gone unsigned. I’ve had zero issues to date,” Raschella said.

Working in law enforcement means that Raeschella needs to be particularly concerned about security; PDFfiller ensures that Off Duty Blue and the officers and police departments the company works with, are always protected.

Working in law enforcement means that Raschella needs to be particularly concerned about security; PDFfiller ensures that Off Duty Blue and the officers and police departments the company works with, are always protected.

“Am I going to have a good answer for the chief of police when he asks how safe his officers’ social security numbers are?” Raschella asked himself before choosing a digital solution. PDFfiller has redundant backups and relies on Amazon’s ultra-secure and always-available S3 servers to make sure documents are always protected and always available. For Off Duty Blue, using PDFfiller also allows the company to keep their documents off-site, which minimizes their liability. Two-factor authentication and encrypted, PIN-protected document folders add another layer of security. “Security is always important to us, so that was one of the main [benefits of PDFfiller also], said Raschella.


PDFfiller makes Off Duty Blue’s digital contracting and scheduling possible by providing a digital document solution.

“PDFfiller is an awesome tool for anyone in business, but for our business, where accountability is everything, it’s a lifesaver,” said Raschella. “PDFfiller’s [features] are a lifesaver for us.”

PDFfiller helps Off Duty Blue effectively serve a growing list of police departments. “It’s saving time and producing better records and those are two of our main objectives,” said Raschella.

Ultimately, by facilitating the exchange of documents and making it easier to add signatures and notes completely digitally, PDFfiller allows police departments to streamline officers’ secondary employment and makes Off Duty Blue’s digital employment solution possible.

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