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W-9 Form: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Whether you’re a freelancer, contractor or part of the sharing economy, Form W-9 should be familiar to you. This form has to be completed before being legally contracted either by an employer or a company. Filling out a W-9 used to be extremely time consuming and frustrating since it required printing and faxing. However, you can now get around these hassles by filling out a W-9 online.

What is a W-9 Tax Form?

This form is used by employers to get a contractor’s tax ID number.
Even though a W-9 form isn’t sent to the IRS itself, it’s an extremely important document. First of all it’s used for business-contractor adjustment. This form may be used for requiring contractors’ information. This form is not sent to the IRS, yet it can be useful while filling out other Forms such as Form 1099 and Form 1099-MISC.

Additionally, Form W-9 is used to avoid backup withholding. If a taxpayer is certified on a W-9, they won’t be treated as subject to backup withholding. It is analogous to the withholding exemption certifications on Form W-4 for employers.

Here is what W-9 Form is looks like:

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It might look a bit complex, but don’t worry: by the end of this post you’ll see that it is much easier than it seems at the first glance.

How do I Fill Out a W-9 Form?

All you need to do is to follow the instructions below and fill in all the required fields step-by-step. PDFfiller takes care of the hard part; you only need to fill in a few blanks.

Step 1. Open the W-9 Form page with your device.

You can use the same device you are using to read this post right now. You also can take advantage of PDFfiller’s mobile applications if you don’t want to open the link right now.

Once you’ve decided what device to use, follow these two steps: this W-9 Form link and further instructions.

Step 2. Open the W-9 Form itself.

Click on the link to open the form. There is a photo above showing where to click.

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The web-site will create a template of the W-9 Form for you.

Step 3. Fill in your data.

The form is already pre-formatted. You don’t have to create any fields or text-areas. All you need to do is to fill in the fields. Unlike the paper version, you can’t accidently skip any fields here. The software will remind you to complete the form every time you skip a blank. It will also check your spelling automatically if you would like it to. Just turn on the spellchecker.

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All the required data is more or less intuitive. Still, if you have any problems there are three additional pages that clear everything up.

Don’t forget to put the date at the bottom of the W-9 Form

(Luckily, a pop-up reminder would help you out in any case).

Step 4. Create a legally binding eSignature and sign the W-9 Form with it.

The final step is putting your signature on the document. Yes, you can sign it even without a pen. There are several ways to do this. It can be drawn with your finger/stylus on a touchscreen device, with a mouse, captured with a webcam, uploaded or even typed in. Chose whichever one you’d like.

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Here, for example, is what the “Type/text” looks like:

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The best thing about an eSignature is that it may be saved and reused.

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All done! You’ve just finished filling out the W-9 Form! Once again: no ink, no pens, no paper, – a piece of cake, right?

eFiling and its benefits for W-9 Form?

Now for the most interesting part: First of all you can save it as PDF or Word. On the other hand, it’s possible to print it out the old-fashioned way.

The best perk about E-Filing is that you can file the completed document straight from your computer or phone. The next time you will be asked for a W-9 Form you can send it via an e-mail.

No more post-offices, no more slow delivery services, no more long lines! Sending Form W-9 is now available in one click.

Now you’re all set to fill out a W-9 yourself.

Here’s your link : W-9 Form . Whether you are employing a contractor, an employer, employee or freelancer PDFfiller form library with over 25 million other forms and documents has just the form you need.

Ransomware and Phishing: How PDFfiller protects your documents

The WannaCry attack and the recent phishing attacks against DocuSign customers, serve to remind everybody to protect their digital documents. At PDFfiller we don’t take these events lightly and would like to share some tips that can help our customers protect themselves from common ransomware and phishing attacks.

Over the past ten years our security team has had to deflect numerous attacks. To date, there have been no known breaches of any data from PDFfiller. We use the latest security to prevent attacks, encrypt stored documents so that even were a hacker to penetrate our defenses no information would be retrievable and work with our customers to prevent phishing attacks.

Cloud storage is the best way to protect your sensitive documents from a ransomware attack. Even if your personal computer is compromised, any documents saved in your PDFfiller account remain safe and accessible from any device. That’s why we offer unlimited document storage with any PDFfiller subscription. Not only is it easier and more convenient to manage all of your forms and documents with PDFfiller, it’s safer too. That’s why we highly recommend using a reputable cloud storage provider to back up all of your sensitive files. It’s the best defense against ransomware like WannaCry.

Phishing attacks go after people by tricking them into giving information to a fake website that looks like a legitimate one. Vigilance is the key to spotting these attacks. Always check the address of any link you go to. Common phishing strategies use a slightly misspelled version of a website’s URL. Also, check that any website where you enter information has a lock displayed next to the url like this:

If you ever get a suspicious email claiming to be from PDFfiller, forward it to our customer support right away. They can either verify its authenticity or contact the proper authorities in the case of a phishing attempt. Never enter any information in an email or link unless you are absolutely sure it is authentic.

By taking a few simple steps, you can dramatically minimize your chances of falling prey to ransomware or phishing. Remember to back up important documents in cloud storage and always check the URL before entering any information online.

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Form N-648: How to Certify Disability Exceptions

Form N-648: Certification for Disability Exceptions

At last the tax period, the most challenging time of the year for most Americans, is over. Despite all the blood, sweat and tears of the US citizens who completed their numerous tax forms and declarations, a lot of immigrants want to have the same exciting experience and proudly call themselves Americans. This blog post will be useful for those who want to start the naturalization process.

An individual has to meet certain requirements to apply for US citizenship. The information about general requirements for naturalization can be found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) site. Among all the common requirements, the applicants must speak and write basic English and know the most important milestones in the history of the country: these requirements are known as English and civics requirements. There is an exception to every rule though. If the applicant doesn’t meet English and/or civics requirements due to a health disability, they can use Form N-648, Certification for Disability Exceptions.

Who needs Form N-648?

The certification is for individuals who want to apply for US naturalization but don’t meet certain requirements connected with the ability to speak and write English and demonstrate knowledge of the history of the country due to a health problem, either mental or physical. The health condition should be certified by a doctor licensed in the US.

What is the purpose of Form N-648?

The main purpose of Form N-648 is to certify the disability condition of the individual who is applying for US citizenship. The certificate contains detailed information about the applicant, the physician who certifies the disability, a detailed description of the health condition, etc. The certification is an essential part of the Application for Naturalization and is used to make a decision on the immigrant’s case.

When is Form N-648 due?

The Medical Certification is completed and filed together with Form N-400. The estimated time for filling out and certifying the form is one hour.

What information should be provided in Form N-648?

The form has three parts for completion:

  • The first part contains information about the applicant including name, address, gender, and date of birth.
  • The second part contains information about the medical professional who certified the disability including name, address, license number, licensing state, email, and type of medical practice.
  • The third part is aimed at providing a detailed description of the applicant’s disability. Here the physician has to write down the clinical diagnosis, basic information about the disability and reasons of this condition, and information about the examination. The doctor also has to certify that the applicant’s disability lasts for twelve months or more (that is one of the main conditions for the exception) and affects their ability to demonstrate knowledge of United States history and the English language.

The form must be certified by the medical professional and the interpreter.

The applicant authorizes the licensed medical doctor to release the information provided in the form to USCIS by adding their signature.

Where do I send Form N-648 after its completion?

The certified Form N-648 is filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services together with the Application for Naturalization.

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Here’s how it works.

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Enter the document title or some keywords and press Search.

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Finally, select your document from the search results and click Fill online to start editing.

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Another handy search tool is the Forms Catalog. Go to the PDFfiller homepage, scroll down and click the Forms Catalog link.

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The catalog has 20 categories. Select the one you need and get the form or template you were looking for.

To start browsing the special catalog for some of the most popular and important IRS forms, open the PDFfiller home page, scroll down and select IRS TAX FORMS.

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This catalog has eight categories. Select the category you need and find the form you were searching for there.

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If you cannot pinpoint the right category, select All Forms to open a comprehensive list of IRS forms.

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How to Save on Customs Duties with CBP Form 434

CBP Form 434:  Certificate of Origin

You’ve decided to start your own business at last and plan to go expand beyond national borders in a year or two. A lot of new things are ahead: searching for reliable customers, exhausting negotiations, the excitement of the first deal and tons of international trade documents.

In this blog post we are going to discuss all the details of the Certificate of Origin, one of the most widely used documents in foreign trade. This document is so important that it has its own history.

The North American Free Trade Agreement was concluded in 1994 between the United States, Mexico and Canada. This agreement created one of the world’s largest free trade zones and led to economic growth and the development of trade connections between the member countries.

The free trade zone means that the exporters and goods producers can import goods to a member country without any fees or with preferential tariff rates at the customs. The exporter must provide all the usual documents to accompany the goods though, including the Certificate of Origin. The certificate is used only by the countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement and serves as a claim for lower customs duties.

What is CBP Form 434?

The exporter or producer fills out this certificate and provides it to the importer at customs. Accurate and full completion is the key to entering the country without paying duty.

What is the purpose of CBP Form 434?

The Department of Homeland Security uses this form to get information about the exporter and producer. The certificate also contains detailed information about the goods imported to the country. Based on this data, the US Сustoms and Border Protection makes a decision on entering the country without paying duty.

What other forms do I attach to CBP Form 434?

The certificate of origin is usually accompanied by the commercial invoice and bill of lading. Depending on the nature of the goods, the Customs officer may ask the importer to provide other supporting documents.

When is CBP Form 434 due?

The certificate accompanies the goods until they arrive at сustoms. The exporter has to complete and certify it before shipping. Keep in mind that this document is essential for the goods being imported to the country at lower customs rate.

What information do I provide in CBP Form 434?

The certificate of origin consists of four main parts:

  • The first part contains information about the exporter including name, email, address and tax identification number. The exporter also has to indicate here the blanket period of the certificate. This is applicable only if the certificate covers multiple shipments of identical goods.
  • The second part provides the contact details of the producer and the importer.
  • The third part describes the goods. There are several columns here and the exporter completes them paying attention to the header.
  • The fourth part is the certification. The exporter or producer adds their signature here including the name of the company, phone number and email.

What do I do with the CBP Form 434?

The completed and signed certificate of origin is attached to other documents accompanying the cargo and is forwarded to customs.