5 Totally Weird Types of Insurance You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Over the last decade, there has been a fierce competition for customers among the world’s leading insurance providers. Large companies make the craziest moves to get involved with every sphere of our lives: from our property and personal belongings to health of our pets. It seems, that quite soon there won’t be a trouble that couldn’t be covered by an existing policy. We had so much fun creating this blog post and even chose our favorites. Have you ever come upon anything as weird as the following types of insurance?

1. “Change of Heart” Insurance

A wedding ceremony is a costly process and it’s a real downer when a sudden change of heart makes all the hard-earned money go down the drain. A company called Wedsure offers a policy covering the cancellation of a wedding if the bride and groom decide to cancel their big day. At the same time, the coverage only applies to “innocent financiers,” such as the bride or groom’s parents, not the bride and groom themselves.

2. Body Part Insurance

Celebrities, professional athletes and subject matter experts insure certain body parts that they depend on for their livelihood: taste buds, fingers, buttocks, and nearly every other body part you can think of. Body part insurance is quite common even for the hard-nosed music icons like Bruce Springsteen, whose voice is insured with Lloyd’s of London for $6 million. Another rock-n-roll superstar, the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, has his left middle finger insured for $1,600,000. Other big names that have insured parts of their body include Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, country music legend Dolly Parton and James Bond star Daniel Craig.

3. Multiple Birth Insurance

In Great Britain, a special insurance safeguards couples against the possibility of having more than one baby. Parents can buy insurance at the early stage of a pregnancy and receive a large coverage if they have a multiple birth. This is a good option for those, who have a family history of twins or had a multiple birth before and find it hard financially to take care of two or more children.

4. Insurance Against Death by Laughter

The international insurance giant Lloyd’s of London offers the widest range of hilarious policies, including the effort to insure a comedy troupe in the event that an audience member died from laughter. It turns out that the comedy troupe was so confident in the quality of their humor that it asked Lloyd’s for insurance just in case their performance was fatally funny.

5. Alien Abduction Insurance

Perhaps, a little less popular than the vampire attack insurance, a typical alien abduction insurance policy will cost you around $150 per $1.5 million in coverage. A number of companies around the world offer coverage in the event of a UFO crash. The recent public attention to the  Roswell UFO crash conspiracy must have had a positive effect on the sales of such a weird insurance policy.