7 AI-Based Platforms that Will Affect Recruitment and HR in 2018

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken the business world by storm. When it comes to solving critical business problems, these innovative technologies lend more than a helping hand. Recruitment and Human Resources is one of the spheres that could be significantly improved by collaborating with AI companies and integrating their applications. We’ve collected 7 of the most effective and efficient AI solutions that may help enhance talent acquisition and help HR departments find and hire that “perfect fit” for their business.


#1 Chatbots: Olivia and Mya

In 2018, chatbots (also known as AI-powered assistants) are expected to be widely used in different segments of HR. This technology is used by many companies to engage with their prospective customers. By implementing chatbots in recruitment, companies can significantly reduce time spent on hiring. Used correctly, chatbots may positively influence the experience of candidates. Olivia and Mya are two chatbots we want to acquaint you with.

Olivia helps HR managers engage with candidates through social channels and different mobile platforms. Due to natural language processing (NLP) and the possibility of scheduling recruitment processes, Olivia makes filling job positions with suitable candidates easier. Mya helps source, screen and schedule recruitment processes. This chatbot also uses NLP. She collects information received in conversation with candidates and creates their profiles.


#2 Textio

Textio is a platform that helps build creative job listings. Textio analyzes over 10 million job advertisements a month. This AI-based service can provide you with high-quality guidance on how to make your job posts better.


#3 X.ai

X.ai created two AI-assistants: Amy and Andrew. They are fully autonomous and help you easily schedule meetings. They’re offered in three available plans: individual, team and enterprise. Using the individual plan, you do not have to download any software. Andrew and Amy can respond to clients faster than any HR manager and they become smarter while you’re using them. With the team plan, chatbots are able to integrate with your business calendar. The enterprise plan includes all features of the individual and team plans and provides higher security. It helps you enhance the productivity of your team and optimize time management more efficiently.


#4 Paññã

Paññã is an AI-based video interview platform that will make the recruitment process less challenging and more effective. The key feature of this platform is live interviews. It includes technical questioning, instant evaluations, feedback systems, chatting and many other elements for screening the perfect candidate.  


#5 Engage Talent

Engage Talent is one more AI-based platform that helps recruiters predict when people are ready to change their jobs by creating a database of passive candidates. They analyze data from 30,000 sources about 6 million companies and 100 million professionals. Due to validated AI models, they identify and assess the likelihood of people potentially changing their current jobs. This platform could be a great helping hand for HR managers and recruiters who have many job positions to fill.


#6 ClearFit

ClearFit is another service that provides predictive data and objective insights to help recruiters build progressive teams and hire qualified employees. The company has two products: SmoothHiring and CareerSpark. SmoothHiring helps hire qualified candidates faster. CareerSpark is a solution that helps assess people that already work at your company to identify their strengths and weaknesses and enhance their productivity.


#7 Filtered

Our last solution for your business for hiring top technical talent is Filtered. This service makes it possible to assess candidates for technical positions without even reading their resumes. If you are not competent in programming and have no idea what questions to ask, the Filtered platform will help assess the candidate with the help of coding interviews based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Filtered collects thousands of coding exercises of different levels that help screen, assess and eventually hire qualified people.


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