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990 Schedule O: Completing the Picture of Your Nonprofit

Form 990 Schedule O – for all the extra details!

The last in PDFfiller‘s review of the 990 forms, Form 990 Schedule O allows organizations to supplement the information reported on Form 990 or 990-EZ.

Who must file an IRS 990-Schedule O?

All organizations that file Form 990 and Form 990-EZ must file a Schedule O.

What is the purpose of submitting IRS 990 Schedule O?

Form 990 Schedule O is used instead of separate attachments to provide the IRS with narrative information necessary to respond to specific questions on Form 990 or 990-EZ, and to explain the organization’s operations.

What other forms are needed when you file IRS 990 Schedule O form?

Schedule O needs to be filed along with form 990 and 990 EZ.

When is IRS 990 Schedule O due?

Since it is attached to Forms 900 and 990 EZ, the filing date for Schedule O is determined by the end of the organization’s fiscal year. Each filing organization should file by the fifteenth day of the fifth month after the end of fiscal year. If the return is not filed in time, you must attach a separate statement to give the reason for not filing the form on time.

What information do you need in order to complete this form?

The Schedule O needs the name of the organization and its EIN. Go through the IRS instructions for more information on how to fill this schedule. Since the format of the document requires typing your explanation, try using PDFfiller to fill it out – it will save you time and produce a neat and legible document.

Where do you file IRS 990 Schedule O?

This form must be sent to internal revenue service center at the following address: Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Center Ogden, UT 84201-0027



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