A Crucial Member of Your Legal Team

When you are working on a legal case, a reliable and flexible document management platform can be a crucial member of your legal team. PDFfiller helps you produce professional legal documents, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and clients, and get documents signed and contracts executed in a fraction of the time, making all the difference in time-sensitive legal situations.

Make Your Clerical Work a Breeze

Boost your productivity and efficiency with PDFfiller’s fillable forms creator, which enables you to create polished and professional legal documents, and fill them on the go from any mobile device.

Keep your contracts, Power of Attorney forms, and other legal documents organized and accessible on the cloud, and save time and money with features like PDFfiller’s LinktoFill, which lets you share fillable versions of legal documents online so clients can fill them faster and forms remain accessible without distributing, collecting, and filing paper copies.

Get Your Documents Signed Faster

Timely document turnaround is not only better for you and your practice but can have important legal outcomes. PDFfiller’s signature request feature, SendToSign, plays a crucial role for judges and law enforcement in Saginaw County, helping police officers receive signed warrants more quickly and obtain more accurate blood alcohol readings from defendants.

PDFfiller makes online signing flexible, simple, and secure, with the ability to designate signing order, request additional document attachments, get signature notification, and make use of legal enforceability measures like signature verification, signature certificates, and even video signature authentication.

Be a Team Player

Anyone who has tried to negotiate contracts over email knows that endless exchanges make it difficult to track agreement status. With PDFfiller, you can share your documents online with up to 10 colleagues and edit together in real time.  Whether you’ve made a mistake, need to reference previous edits, want to compare changes, or just want to start over, you can also fearlessly edit your documents with Versions and never lose any of your changes.

You can also rest assured that your account will stay secure with an extensive Audit Trail feature that lets you monitor all account-level activity, and an encrypted folder which lets you password protect extra sensitive materials.

As a legal professional, you’ve got enough work to do, so don’t let legal paperwork overwhelm your workload.  Let PDFfiller free you from your document management tasks so you can move on to solving other problems!