A PDF Within a PDF

It’s the Inception of form filing, the Shakespeare performance of business transactions: a dream within a dream, a play within a play.

Okay, maybe digitally editing documents involves a little less drama, but a PDF within a PDF can be the optimal way to communicate an important idea, and it’s not as complicated as you’d think. PDFfiller makes it easy.

Rather than sending someone a PDF form to complete, along with a separate PDF of instructions on how to complete it, why not combine the two documents? This allows one document to efficiently explain the other, all in one place.

We’ve already shown you how to merge multiple documents into one. Here’s how you can use the merge tool, in combination with the page rearranging tool, to insert a PDF within an existing PDF.


Locate the document that you want to insert, and the document you want to add it to. They will be in your “My Forms” collection.

Use the “Merge” button at the top right-hand side of the toolbar to combine the two documents into one. Name the new document appropriately.


Once your two documents have been merged, the new single document will automatically open in a window that allows you to edit it.

For example: you can see here that an instructional slideshow that was once 18 pages long now has 21 pages, the last three of which are an I9 tax form, which is discussed in the original slideshow.

Rather than deliver the I9 form separately, you can embed the form within the instructions for filling it out, using the “Pages Rearrange” tool. This tool is located in the toolbar; it says “Pages” and has a graphic of gears on it.


Using this tool, you can move the I9 tax form that you merged with the instructional document from the end of the document, to the point in the document where it is most relevant: between what is currently page 11 and page 12.

Within the “Pages Rearrange” window, select one page at a time and move it, in order, using the left and right arrow buttons, to the place where it will be most useful within the larger document. In this case, you will need to move 3 pages to create the new document.


Save the newly arranged document on your PDFfiller account, and you have your PDF within a PDF!

Remember, you don’t have to stop there! You can add an unlimited amount of additional PDFs to the mix, and arrange them any way you like.