Form 1040A: Because Who Doesn’t Want Something Simpler?

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Making life easier with the IRS Form 1040A!

With all of the different kinds of 1040 forms and schedules, you might be wondering which is the right one for your individual tax return. PDFfiller is here to help you figure it out!  This post explains who can use IRS Form 1040A.

Who needs Form 1040A?  

The IRS form 1040-A is a simplified version of the 1040. It is for taxpayers who…

1. Made less than $100,000.
2. Have a regular income, such as wages, salaries, or tips.
3. Plan to claim only a few deductions such as classroom expenses, student loan interest taxes, or tuition/fees.
4. Do not plan to itemize any deductions.

If your tax return is straightforward, and you do not plan to claim anything on your return (other than an Earned Income Credit) you may be able to use a simpler form such as the 1040EZ.

What is a 1040A for?

The IRS form 1040a is for filing federal income tax. When the 1040A is received by the IRS, they will determine if you are eligible for a tax refund or if you owe any taxes to the government.

Is 1040A accompanied by other forms?

The IRS form 1040A is most often accompanied by schedules B (interest and dividends), R (credit for the elderly and disabled), EIC (earned income credit), and 8812 (child tax credit). Other forms that sometimes go along with a 1040A include…

1. Form 2441 (PDF) – Child and Dependent Care Expenses
2. Form 8863 (PDF) – Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits)
3. Form 8888 (PDF) – Allocation of Refund (Including Savings Bond Purchases)

When is 1040A due?

The form 1040A is due by April 15 of every tax year.

How do I fill out 1040A?

The IRS form 1040A can be filled out and filed in many different ways. You can use a tax service, a private accountant, or even print it out and send it in yourself using PDFfiller. For more on filling out 1040a, check out the following video:

Where do I send 1040A?

Where you send your physical 1040 form depends entirely on your state, and whether or not you are sending a payment with your form. You can use the helpful chart here to determine where to send your form if you decide to file it yourself.

So get started now filling out your Form 1040A with PDFfiller and remember the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Silly!



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