Accelerate PDF email attachment exchanges without leaving Gmail

The PDFfiller add-on for Gmail allows you to edit any PDF attachment and send it out for signing. Edit, sign, share and collect signed documents while on the go without leaving your inbox.

At the end of another busy day your Gmail inbox is overloaded. You’re about to head home for the day but as soon as you leave the office your boss calls and insists that you review an important PDF agreement from Mr. Demanding one more time.

Opening the PDF on your smartphone is the easy part, but then you notice a typo in your company’s email address. Now you’ll have to go back to your desk, download the agreement to your computer, edit it using some software and resend a corrected version. Or you can use a single-click PDFfiller add-on to make this pesky PDF agreement editable on any desktop or mobile device right in Gmail. Just add PDFfiller for Gmail to your side panel and make the necessary adjustments on the spot. Not only is your boss and client happy, but you’ve also saved time and money on document management.


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How can I turn my Gmail attachments into editable PDFs and send them for signing?

Once you’ve installed the add-on to your device from the G Suite marketplace, editing PDF attachments and sending them for signing is no longer an issue. Now you can relax and enjoy all the benefits.

Instantly connect the add-on to your PDFfiller account

Before using the add-on, you’ll need to authorize PDFfiller to access your Gmail inbox. Luckily, connecting Gmail accounts to PDFfiller only takes a few clicks.
Don’t have a PDFfiller account yet? No problem. You have an opportunity to create a new account and get a 30-day free trial.

Streamline PDF editing and signature collection

Editing PDF attachments from your Gmail inbox can now be done in seconds. Forget about saving agreements, price lists or tax forms to your computer or cloud storage and having to install expensive desktop software. Review a PDF once you receive it. If a document needs editing, upload it to PDFfiller with one click. If no edits are required, send the PDF to be signed or completed by business partners, colleagues or friends directly from Gmail.

Make it easy for recipients to sign and complete your documents

The add-on allows you to customize every signature request you send. Add signers from Gmail contacts, type in recipient names, invent a creative message and subject, and protect your document from unwanted changes by enabling Only sign access. Recipients can sign your agreements, contracts and fillable surveys in seconds using any device, no PDFfiller account needed.

Need to add more signers? Go right ahead!

The PDFfiller add-on helps you send documents to multiple signers at once. Just click the ADD SIGNER button on the Gmail sidebar and let up to ten recipients sign or complete your PDF.

Optimize your document workflow

Track all uploaded and sent documents right in Gmail. In case your documents need further editing, open them in your PDFfiller account in a single click.

The PDFfiller team is working hard to make your document related tasks easier and more efficient. The PDFfiller add-on is designed to help you get rid of time consuming steps, additional expenses and complicated software.



Get a 30-day free trial and manage your PDF attachments right from Gmail