Avoid costly business mistakes with PDFfiller’s data entry automation

data entry automation

Extended periods of data-entry are prone to error and inaccuracy. Manually adding data to various tax forms, quotes, proposals and contracts is an unnecessary drain on company time and resources. Automating data entry with PDFfiller is an ideal starting point for creating an office culture based on efficiency. Automation allows employees to focus on what really matters: business growth and customer experience.


Who benefits most from data entry automation?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a small business of 5 employees or working as a corporate manager – with PDFfiller, getting rid of manual data entry and increasing the productivity of your team is easy.

Your HR managers can focus on employee morale without having to think about processing hundreds of employment contracts. Sales representatives can close more deals in less time by generating pre-filled quotes and proposals for their clients. Your accounting department won’t have a nervous breakdown before each tax season: all tax forms are completed accurately and filed on time. 


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How to save time on data entry with PDFfiller?

With PDFfiller’s Fill in Bulk, you can easily generate up to 1,000 prefilled documents in a few clicks. All you need is an Excel spreadsheet or .CSV file and access to your PDFfiller account.

Select the document you’d like to pre-fill and use it as a template for generating other documents.

data entry automation

Drag and drop fillable fields in to your document, and don’t forget to name the field according to the data being added from the spreadsheet.

data entry automation

Once all fillable fields are in order, define the number of pre-filled documents you want to generate.

data entry automation

Your work ends here. PDFfiller’s automation will do the rest. Find your new project containing the pre-filled documents in the Fill in Bulk folder.


Document generation and beyond: send pre-filled documents for signing

Looking to finish the document cycle by collecting a signature? Share pre-filled documents with customers, employees and business partners or host them on your company’s website to get forms signed quickly and efficiently. SMS, send documents via USPS, print or fax if your recipients need a paper copy.

Eliminate data entry errors and automate your workflow with PDFfiller.