The Benefits of Using a Tech-savvy Agent

Welcome back to PDFfiller Realtor Guest Blog series, which brings you advice from the experts!  This week’s post from Connor Southworth lays out why it’s important to have a tech-savvy agent when marketing your home.  For more great posts from Connor, check out his blog at


There was a time when business was done on paper; when homes were sold by a sign in the front yard; when people still had home phones and called regarding real estate ads in the newspaper. It was a simple time filled with huge televisions with small screens – you were really cool if you had a (enormous) cell phone that you probably paid upwards of $2 per minute to use. This was back before GPS, iPhones, and Facebook. As much as we all miss those days, some things have changed – and hopefully, your real estate agent has changed, too.

Yes, he once wore bell bottoms and now he’s sporting some nice skinny jeans – but I’m not so concerned about fashion – except that if he was old enough to wear bell bottoms he’s got to be pushing 60, so his pair of skinny jeans probably don’t look nearly as good on him as he thinks they do. I’m talking more about your real estate agent’s integration of technology into his business.

Business now is done digitally. Documents can be created and signed online without ever having to print. Fax machines are a thing of the past. Actually, I haven’t sent or received a fax in years. Recently I had another agent at the office named Tim ask me for my fax number. We all laughed hysterically and then joked about it for days.

As fun as it was driving 45 minutes each way in rush hour traffic to get a simple signature on a time-sensitive document, it is really nice to be able to send and sign documents with the click of a button from your computer or smart phone. Offers are written, signed and submitted within minutes instead of hours. Working with an agent who uses these tools allows you to be much more competitive in today’s market where homes are being sold in hours. Getting your offer in first can be the difference between getting the home of your dreams and spending the rest of your life living in your parents’ basement.

As for marketing your home, an agent with a strong web presence has a huge advantage over other agents. Posting ads in the newspaper classifieds doesn’t work anymore. Are newspapers even still around? I was a paperboy as a kid and now I haven’t seen a real print newspaper in years. In fact, if you still have one, call up the Smithsonian and see if you can make some money on it.

People look online for homes now. Extensive knowledge of internet marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, CRM’s and a bunch of other 3-letter abbreviations that I may or may not be making up as I go, are all critical for a good agent to know. A tech-savvy agent can sell your home faster and for more money and can make you a more competitive buyer.

Now get on out there and find yourself a good, technologically inclined Realtor. If you live in Utah, I know a good one 😉

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