Can I save a PDF to DOC and other file formats?

Save a PDF to DOC

The short answer is yes, you can!  Here at PDFfiller, we are on a mission to continually improve our services and add new features in anticipation of all of your document management needs.  In light of that, we’d like to tell you about a recent feature update that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier.

While it’s pretty common to find document management programs that can convert documents into PDFs, it’s not that simple to find ones that work the other way around. Introducing PDFfiller’s updated ‘Save As’ feature, which lets you convert your PDF documents back to some of your other favorite document formats. You can find the ‘Save As’ feature in the Actions menu on the right hand side of MyForms or it will come up automatically when you click the orange ‘Done’ button after filling in and signing your document.

When you click ‘Save As’ you will be given a list of all the new possible formats for your document which now includes PDFs, Word documents (.doc), Excel spreadsheets (.xls) and PowerPoint presentations (.ppt).  Simply click on the format you want, and the document will automatically be saved to computer. Pretty exciting huh?

With this feature you can move seamlessly between document formats.  For example, if you need to modify the original content of a form rather than simply filling it in you can convert it back to it’s original file format.  You can also be much more flexible in accommodating the needs of your colleagues for specific file formats.

So try out PDFfiller today, and see how easy it is not only to fill and sign your documents, but also to save a PDF to DOC or to any other  file format that you need.  And please keep giving us feedback about what document management features you depend on – we value your ideas and are in the business of making your document dreams come true!