CBP Form 258: How Your Finances Relate to US Security

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CBP Form 258 Financial Disclosure Report

Some positions within government agencies are qualified as national security positions because they involve the protection of the country from espionage or foreign aggression, or require regular access to or use of classified information. As a rule, individuals applying for these positions are subject to personal investigation. One question that such an investigation should answer is whether someone’s financial situation may cause them to act contrary to national security interests as a result of coercion, pressure or influence. The investigative agency answers that question based on a financial disclosure report known as CBP Form 258.

Who needs a CBP Form 258?

CBP Form 258, is a Financial Disclosure Report designed by the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection agency. Individuals applying for national security positions or occupying sensitive positions must fill out this form.

What is the CBP Form 258 for?

The information required by the CBP 258 form is analyzed and used in national security investigations to guarantee that an applicant meets investigative requirements and complies with national security interests.

Is Form CBP-258 accompanied by other forms?

Supporting documentation for the CBP 258 should be provided upon request.

When is CBP Form 258 due?

A Financial Disclosure Report form should be filled out after a job seeker has filed their employment application. If their candidacy is approved, they will be furnished with a CBP 258 Form. As a rule, an individual occupying a sensitive position is investigated every five years, and as part of this investigation, he or she will have to file CBP Form 258.

How do I fill out the CBP Form 258?

The CBP 258 form contains detailed instructions and should be filled out carefully. You will have to provide the following information completing the respective fields:
– Claimant’s personal details;
– Annual income data;
– Bank accounts;
– Investments;
– Owned and rented property;
– Mortgages/ Loans;
– Liabilities;
– Additional income; and
-Claimant’s certification.
Although information disclosure is voluntary, you should be aware of the consequences if you fail to provide all relevant information. If you already occupy a sensitive position and do not provide all relevant information, you may be transferred.

Where do I send Form CBP-258?

You should place the Financial Disclosure Report in an envelope, seal it, and return it to the official who gave you the original form. You should retain a copy of the report for your records.