Are Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage Technologies Helpful to Your Business?

How do cloud computing and storage can help your business?

Most people who use cloud technologies still do not completely understand how they work. You yourself may have used these technologies without even realizing it. Did you know that social networking apps and media services such as YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr, all use the cloud? Even email services like Hotmail and Gmail use this technology. The scope of usage is almost wider than you could ever imagine. By using cloud technologies, businesses can outsource complex tasks that they used to perform on personal computers. Companies can save time, space and a good deal of money by having instant access to all their data from almost anywhere.

In fact, “the cloud” that you access through the Internet and use for storing various files actually exists in data centers. These data centers consist of multiple networked computers working together. As a result of this work, users are provided with online services that allow them to leave their premise-based solutions behind. Read to learn more about the pros and cons of cloud document management for businesses.

3 Categories of Cloud Computing

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Big companies such as Google and Amazon use this form of cloud computing to lease infrastructures from other companies. It is faster, much easier and more cost-effective to manage the workload without buying and supporting their own personal infrastructure.

PaaS (Platform as a Service). This type of online environment is used by developers to securely create applications for target customers. For example, Salesforce, CloudBees, and EngineYard provide PaaS tools.

SaaS (Software as a Service). With this category of cloud computing, you are able to use various software via the Internet. pdfFiller is a SaaS company that gives you the possibility to fill, edit, sign and share PDF documents online from any Internet-connected device.

The Difference Between Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage and the Benefits of Implementing These Technologies

Correctly implemented, both cloud storage and cloud computing technologies provide businesses with multiple benefits. With cloud storage services, data can be securely stored and accessed from any internet-connected device. IaaS vendors like AWS, GCP, and Azure have many forms of cloud storage services. A few of the most popular and widely used services are AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

These services allow users to store objects in their buckets and retrieve them when they need them. However, the pricing of cloud storage can tend to be complex to understand as it’s billed on many different SKUs. The SKUs could be on the volume stored, bytes transferred, or the number of times it has been accessed. Because of its reliability and replication, the key benefit is that the data can’t be damaged in case of an emergency situation. Due to advanced encryption and 2-factor authentication, all your documents processed with pdfFiller are highly protected.

Cloud computing, in turn, helps build and run applications via a virtual desktop. With cloud computing technologies, businesses can access sensitive data and apps from anywhere using any internet-capable device. Any updates or patches can be installed much faster since there is no need to upgrade each employees’ computer.

Combining cloud storage and cloud computing technologies provides the following key benefits:

  • Reliability. You’re always sure that the data you store will not disappear or get lost.
  • Scalability. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose the number of gigabytes to buy. If you operate a small business, you won’t need as much storage space as a large business. Moreover, you’re always offered a certain amount of space free of charge.
  • Collaboration. No matter where the members of your team are, they all can easily collaborate either on a project, an application or on a simple document.
  • Disaster recovery. Emergency backup is very important when operating a business. All important data/applications/documents can be stored in the cloud. They will never be damaged by any natural disaster.
  • High security. Your computer has two cryptographic keys that are related to each other – private and public. When you encrypt your files with a public key, they can only be decrypted by your private key.

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