Collaborate with Teams and Manage Workflow without Leaving Slack

The PDFfiller team uses Slack for team communication and for organizing everyday workflow. Multiple customizable channels allow us to quickly discuss different working projects and company goals starting with SEO optimization and new feature releases and ending with tango lessons and team building activities. With the highest security standards, robust notification preferences, compatibility with major mobile and web platforms and integrations with over 60 partners, Slack is a must-have tool for increasing a company’s productivity.

Yet there is one limitation. Slack alone doesn’t cover document management issues such as editing, signing and sending documents to be signed from within an organization.


PDFfiller Handles Document Management in Slack

Every month, PDFfiller’s HR department sends payroll invoices to be signed by all employees. The process is as follows: The HR manager posts a message on a company-wide Slack channel asking employees to check their email inbox and sign their invoice in their PDFfiller account.

Having to interrupt an important working conversation in Slack to search for a certain document in your email inbox can be annoying. On the other hand, delays in signing invoices slow down the process of collecting signatures, making both employees and HR managers unhappy. That’s how the idea for integrating PDFfiller with Slack came to the minds of our developers.

With the PDFfiller app for Slack, our HR managers can generate a link to fillable invoices and other documents right in Slack and immediately send it to an entire company channel or to individual employees. Employees click the link and their invoice opens in their PDFfiller account.

Once an invoice is signed, the HR manager receives a Slack notification with a copy of the submitted document. The Slack message also contains information about the signer’s email address making it easy for the HR manager to identify who filled in the invoice.

Once a Slack member signs or fills in a document, the Slack bot sends a notification with a link. If you’d like to continue working on submitted documents, click the link and open a PDF in your PDFfiller account. All submitted documents are saved in a separate folder.

PDFfiller’s integration with Slack makes the everyday tasks of our company easier. It’s time to introduce PDFfiller to your Slack workflow.



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