Collect Customer Information from your WordPress Site with a Free Plugin

Collect customer info from any WordPress website with PDFfiller

With PDFfiller plugin, you can easily import your company’s fillable surveys, applications and contact forms to your WordPress dashboard and collect customer information from your clients directly from your WordPress website using embedded fillable fields. Install PDFfiller’s free-to-use plugin and embed the fillable fields of documents stored on your personal PDFfiller account anywhere on your WordPress blog or website. Fields can be embedded either as a widget or part of an individual WordPress post. 

Data submitted by your clients via embedded fillable fields from your WordPress website is sent to your personal PDFfiller account. That data is used to generate a document which will be automatically pre-filled with the submitted data. You can instantly share, email, or print out this document from any internet connected device.

With this PDFfiller plugin you can embed contacts, email subscriptions, order and event registration form fields. What is more, your clients don’t have to be registered on PDFfiller to provide you with their information.

Why Do I Need to Embed Fillable Form Fields on my WordPress Website?

Doing so simplifies your tasks and saves you and your clients’ time. Educational organizations embed fillable form fields in order to collect student and employee applications as well as organize registration for various events. Other examples include eCommerce stores that use this feature to receive orders and customer feedback. Online form fields have also improved secure data collection for entertainment businesses, private membership websites, and medical organizations.

How Do I Add Fillable Fields to my WordPress Site?

To get started, complete a few easy steps in your WordPress dashboard to synchronize your PDFfiller account with your WordPress site before installing the PDF Form Filler:

1. In your WordPress dashboard, select Plugins > Add New

2. Use Search to find the PDF Form Filler

3. Activate the plugin from Plugins > Installed Plugins

4. Plugin Configuration:

    • In your WordPress dashboard, select PDFForms > Settings
    • Select Main and enter your authorization data from your PDFfiller account.
      • To view your authorization data go to Log in or register at PDFfiller and go to For Business > For Developers, or just follow the link
      • Click CREATE NEW APP or choose an existing app. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and paste your authorization data into the corresponding fields of the plugin’s Settings tab.
      • Enter your PDFfiller account’s email address and password into the PDF Form Filler plugin’s email and password fields.
      • Click Save. That’s it, now your WordPress website is synchronized with your PDFfiller account.

To help you avoid any hassle, visit our PDF Form Filler Installation and FAQ page for further plugin setup assistance.

Every month, over 172M documents are edited with PDFfiller. More than 300,000 customers use this all-in-one digital document solution to edit, eSign and share legal documents, insurance claims, tax forms, medical forms, rental applications and purchase agreements.
Install the PDF Form Filler plugin now and and try PDFfiller’s free trial to see if it is the right solution for you.