Secure Your Services for a Construction Project with a Mechanic’s Lien

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Mechanic’s Lien Notice

A mechanic’s lien is a right of an individual supplying labor or materials for construction, improvements, or repair of construction projects to acquire a security interest in the title to property that is being improved. The importance of agreeing on such documentation is explained by its ability to guarantee the due payment to the builders, contractors, firms, and/or materials suppliers engaged in a construction project. In case the employed parties do not get paid, they should be granted a legal right to place a lien on that real property equivalent to the cost of services and materials required. In this blog post we will figure out how to fill out the fillable form called “Mechanics Lien” to make sure you don’t have to struggle with its proper completion.

Who needs a Mechanic’s Lien Form?

This form is supposed to be used by a subcontractor on a construction project (operating in the State of California) that claims a lien for labor, service, equipment, or material under Section 8000 et. seq. Of the Civil Code of the State of California upon the premises described in the text of the form.

Why should the Mechanic’s Lien Form be filed?

This type of lien can be claimed for the specific labor, services, equipment or materials provided by the subcontractor acting as the claimant to this lien. The lien can be claimed in cases in which the subcontractor is owed a specific amount of money for work, after deducting all appropriate credits and offsets, plus interest at the legal rate from the date of this lien.
The lien being filed, the property becomes subject to a court-ordered foreclosure sale until the contractor receives the remuneration specified in the contractor’s agreement.
The owner of the improved property will receive notice of the mechanic’s lien after the form has been filed.

Is the Mechanic’s Lien Form accompanied by other forms?

Dated and signed by the contractor, the Proof of Service Affidavit should be attached to the original document so that it certifies that a copy of the original Mechanic’s Lien and notice has been served to the property’s owner.

How do I fill out a Mechanic’s Lien Form?

The following information must be indicated in order to complete the form:

  • Claimant’s personal information;
  • Address of the construction object;
  • Information on the claimant’s employer or the company that provided the work to the contractor.
  • The amount of money still owed.

The Proof of Service Affidavit section and the Alternate Affidavit section are to be completed as well.

Where do I send the Mechanic’s Lien Form?

Once completed and signed, this form should be submitted to the County Recorder’s Office in the county where the project is held. A copy of the Lien must also be directed to the property’s owner.